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Latest Headlines

Mobile device usage in-flight slow to take off

Despite a Federal Aviation Administration ruling allowing the use of personal electronic devices throughout flights, a majority of airline passengers still don't, according to a new study.

Cybersecurity threats against aviation on the rise

Cybersecurity threats targeting airports, airlines and air traffic control systems are on the rise, creating a $1.7 billion opportunity for IT security providers this year, estimates market research firm Visiongain.

Business travelers basing hotel, airline choices on Wi-Fi, says survey

Many business travelers are basing their decisions about hotels and airlines on the availability and quality of the Wi-Fi they offer, according to the most recent iPass Mobile Workforce Report.

Australia deploys big data tools to secure border

articipating airlines are turning over passenger data to Australian customs to enable the compilation of profiles on at-risk passengers in order to build a comprehensive record for risk assessment. Here's what that means to you...

Frost: Train operators offering business travelers limited Wi-Fi connectivity

Train operators are offering passengers limited Wi-Fi connectivity onboard trains because they connect to mobile services through cellular towers, explained Frost & Sullivan in a new report.

American Airlines focuses on buying applications

American Airlines started a big code rewriting project a couple years ago, as it set out to move two of its most critical sets of applications off an old mainframe architecture and onto a distributed platform. But last January, the company reversed course and decided to purchase replacement software rather than build new applications whenever possible, report Johanna Ambrosio and Robert L. Mitchell at Computerworld.

FCC streamlines approval process for in-flight Wi-Fi systems

The Federal Communications Commission announced last week that it is streamlining the licensing process for in-plane, satellite-based Wi-Fi systems, which employ antennas mounted on aircraft that connect to satellites, providing two-way, in-flight broadband services to passengers and crews.

Dublin startup helps airlines leverage data

Despite the airline industry's leadership on online reservations, it's probably the least sophisticated e-commerce vertical today.

FAA reconsiders ban on gadgets during takeoff and landing

The Federal Aviation Administration is rethinking its policy on digital devices, according to New York Times blogger Nick Bilton. In a post over the weekend, Bilton recounted how he contacted the FAA

American Airlines tries iPads in lieu of maps

In the ongoing effort to save on fuel costs, airlines are trying to ditch the heavy paper documents required on board in favor of electronic alternatives. American Airlines is testing a program that