Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

New Amazon tools help developers control costs

This isn't the first time Amazon has released cost analysis tools for its Infrastructure-as-a-Service and other cloud offerings, but the company introduced new features on its Budgets and Cost Explorer tools this week.

Amazon tries to give Alexa a boost over rivals Siri and Cortana

Amazon took a number of steps on Thursday help Alexa, the less well-known cousin of ditigal assistants Siri and Cortana, gains some visibility in the connected device marketplace.

Amazon exec: Prime Air offers environmental and safety benefits

An FAA administrator revealed details about how many exemptions it has and can issue for businesses wishing to use drones before the agency creates official rules governing drone use, during a congressional committee meeting. At the same meeting, an Amazon exec made a case for environmental and safety benefits to drone use. 

AWS Lambda now supports Java

An update to Amazon Web Service Lambda – the public cloud giant's event-driven cloud computing service – may make the service more accessible to developers. AWS now supports Java, but it also plans to unveil compatibility with more programming languages in the future.

Amazon releases first report on U.S. government data requests following years of reticence

Although other U.S. companies have been eager to disclose data on how many requests they receive from national security and law enforcement agencies, Amazon has been conspicuously reticent. Well, no more. For the first time, Amazon has released information on requests from government agencies for customer data.

What NASA is actually planning for drones

NASA confirmed that it is investigating the possiblity of drone monitoring via cell towers, following a report in The Guardian last week. 

Amazon VPC gets Flow Logs for network monitoring

Amazon Web Services has launched another tool that is meant to simplify and automate a function that has been, to date, more manual and required enterprises to have more overhead. The company's new Flow Logs for its Virtual Private Cloud offering removes the need to install agents to do network monitoring on the service.

Amazon solar farm furthers goal to use 100% renewable energy

Amazon Web Services came under fire from Greenpeace last year for not using more green energy, but the public cloud giant has since come a long way toward changing its ways. The latest example of its greenness? Amazon has partnered with Community Energy to build the Amazon Solar Farm US East, an 80 megawatt solar farm in Accomack County, Virginia.

Is that an Amazon drone following you?

Using location information in a person's smartphone, Amazon's drones will be able to deliver packages wherever the recipient is located--at home, on the job, out for a walk, or on a boat--according to a patent application Amazon submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

No worries about 'no drone zones'

Overall, it seems the enterprise has little to worry about as far as "no drone zones" go. To be fair, the level of regulation the FAA currently places on drone use limits them enough that no fly zones are more than likely outside of companies' use either geographically, or in terms of the work being done in the first place.