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Latest Headlines

Is that an Amazon drone following you?

Using location information in a person's smartphone, Amazon's drones will be able to deliver packages wherever the recipient is located--at home, on the job, out for a walk, or on a boat--according to a patent application Amazon submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

No worries about 'no drone zones'

Overall, it seems the enterprise has little to worry about as far as "no drone zones" go. To be fair, the level of regulation the FAA currently places on drone use limits them enough that no fly zones are more than likely outside of companies' use either geographically, or in terms of the work being done in the first place.

Amazon reveals cloud revenue, other companies should offer same visibility

It has been quite some time since there was such anticipation over a company's quarterly financial results. Thankfully, Amazon didn't disappoint last week when it finally, after much pressure from its shareholders, reported revenue based on individual business units.

Spotlight: Amazon takes the keys away from TestDrive

Amazon is shutting down its Appstore TestDrive service that enabled users to try out an app before buying, Amazon's Corey Badcock announced in a blog post.

In moving workloads to Amazon, Avi aims to provide more visibility and control

Avi Networks has updated its software-based load balancing product with new integration features for the Amazon Web Services public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service.

Spotlight: Amazon Dash first useful step towards Internet of Things

Amazon Dash may be the IoT addition we've all been waiting for. 

Amazon's drone dismay ends with FAA exemption

After almost a year of waiting, Amazon has been given the okay from the FAA to begin testing the latest version of its drone delivery program in the U.S.

AWS Summit: Amazon launches EC2 Container Service

The big news here is really just the general availability of the container service.

Amazon gets impatient, takes drone testing to Canada

As the Federal Aviation Administration continues to drag its feet on issuing regulations, Amazon is taking drone testing outside of the U.S.  The Guardian  first reported that the online retail giant has begun testing at a secret site in Canada, just over the border in British Columbia.

Regulatory barriers are least of Amazon's problems when it comes to drone deliveries

While Amazon recently cleared a regulatory hurdle at the Federal Aviation Administration for its drone deliveries, technical hurdles won't be so easy to clear.