Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Amazon opens its AWS Device Farm for iOS app testing

The new tool Amazon pushed to Android and Fire developers to test their apps earlier this month will be extended to iOS soon, in a move that makes the service more competitive with others already on the market. 

Amazon looks to reserve airspace for high-speed drone flight

If you're looking for a sci-fi film all about flying robots taking to the sky without any human interaction, I'm sure you can find one to buy on Amazon. However, if you just wait a little while, Amazon's new drone proposal may come true, and you can watch those autonomous, flying robots – better known as drones – by just leaning out the window and looking up.

Here's what recent cloud earnings reports say about smaller cloud providers

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, IBM and Google are really dominating the public cloud market, making it increasingly difficult for smaller, niche service providers to stay afloat. 

Amazon's Prime Day vs Black Friday: A big data look at the biggest retail showdown

Despite media reports of prevailing negative consumer sentiment about Amazon's much ballyhooed Prime Day, the data shows a different story, albeit not one that necessarily celebrates Amazon's take on the event.

Why Rackspace may just come out the cloud winner, after all

A year ago, many of us in the media were speculating on what exactly was going to happen to Rackspace, which at one time seemed like it was going to be a dominant player providing a strong alternative to Amazon Web Services.

Amazon API Gateway aims to make app back-end creation easier

Amazon Web Services joined a growing number of companies trying to make it easier to create and manage APIs.

Amazon boosts autoscaling responsiveness

Leading into AWS Summit New York, Amazon Web Services introduced new autoscaling capabilities, including one that lets users set fine-grained policies for scaling up when certain conditions or thresholds are met. 

Microsoft raises Azure prices... but not in the U.S.

A recent update to Microsoft Azure pricing that actually increases the price for customers not billed in U.S. greenbacks may signal that the race to the bottom may finally be at least slowing.

Amazon releases Android, iOS mobile apps for its Cloud Drive service

Amazon has released dedicated Android and iOS mobile apps for its Cloud Drive service, which is a competitor to Dropbox, Google Drive and other file hosing service, reported TechCrunch.

New Amazon tools help developers control costs

This isn't the first time Amazon has released cost analysis tools for its Infrastructure-as-a-Service and other cloud offerings, but the company introduced new features on its Budgets and Cost Explorer tools this week.