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Latest Headlines

Amazon invests big money in Washington lobbying to get drone tech off the ground

Amazon became Washington's fastest growing tech lobby in 2015, according to the New York Times. The biggest lobbying push is in the drone space, with Amazon veying to get drone delivery off the ground – pun intended – while others aim to keep them grounded.

Maersk tests first delivery aboard a vessel using a drone

Container shipping company Maersk said today it has made the first official drone delivery of a parcel on the deck of an unmoored tanker in Denmark.

Amazon flip-flops on removing Fire tablet encryption feature: Now it's back

Amazon has done an about-face and one day after it removed the encryption option from its popular Kindle Fire tablets, has had a change of heart.

Amazon's drones may be bigger than we thought, so what?

We have some skeptics when it comes to Amazon's drone featured in its latest Prime Air promo video. It seems as though, while the video does show actual flight footage, viewers may only be perceiving things the way Amazon wants them to.

Amazon shows off new delivery-drone design in promo video

Amazon released a video recently showing off a new drone model that will be used for its Prime Air delivery service.

Google plans to begin drone deliveries in 2017

Google expects that Project Wing – its drone delivery service – will be up and running sometime in 2017, according to an article at BBC News.

Wal-Mart aims to test drones for warehouse inventory, product deliveries

Wal-Mart is following in the footsteps of online retail giant Amazon, hoping to harness drone technology in its operations. Wal-Mart has applied for permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to test drones for home deliver, curbside pickup and warehouse inventory, according to an article at Reuters.

Spotlight: Amazon gets patent for augmented reality glasses

Amazon has received a U.S. patent for augmented reality smartglasses that could be connected to a tablet and display the tablet's images in front of the wearer's eyes, according to a report by Re/code.

Amazon's AWS Mobile Hub helps app developers skip back-end 'heavy lifting'

Amazon unveiled on Thursday its AWS Mobile Hub, a new tool intended to ease the process for developers to build, test and monitor mobile apps that use AWS services.

CTERA rolls out support for Amazon S3 Standard-IA

Enterprise data services vendor CTERA announced this week it now supports Amazon Web Services's new file storage option, Amazon Simple Storage Service Standard – Infrequent Access, otherwise known as Amazon S3 Standard-IA