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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Amazon's new API lets developers sell Amazon's physical goods as in-app purchases

Amazon launched its Mobile Associates API, enabling Android developer partners to merchandise millions of Amazon.com physical and digital items within apps and games sold via the online retail giant's Appstore for Android and the rival Google Play.

Is Amazon the key to driving Android tablet app development?

Google Play isn't the only game in town for Android tablets. Android developers may also sell applications via Amazon's Appstore for Android. In a blog post published Wednesday, Amazon technical evangelist Mike Hines states that the online retailer recently tested 1,600 Amazon Appstore tablet app submissions and discovered that more than 75 percent "just work" on its Android-powered Kindle Fire tablet, with no additional development effort required

Amazon Appstore adds support for HTML5 apps

Amazon's Appstore for Android is now accepting HTML5-based Web applications and mobile-optimized websites, enabling developers and publishers to merchandise their efforts alongside native applications optimized for the digital retailer's Kindle Fire tablet and other Android-powered devices.

Amazon rolls out Engagement Reports to track Android app usage, revenue

Amazon introduced Engagement Reports, a free, zero-integration service promising Appstore for Android developer partners expanded insight into application usage and performance.

Amazon Appstore for Android opens worldwide as Kindle Fire sales go global

Amazon's Appstore for Android is now open for business in close to 200 additional nations across the globe, an expansion timed to coincide with the worldwide rollout of the digital commerce giant's Android-powered Kindle Fire HD tablet.

Amazon rolls out Coins virtual currency via Kindle Fire giveaway

Amazon launched Coins, a new virtual currency designed to drive purchases from its Appstore for Android.

Amazon expands Appstore for Android to China, trumps Google with paid apps

Amazon is extending its Appstore for Android to China, becoming the first Western company to offer premium-priced Android applications to consumers in the world's largest smartphone market. Rival Google Play's Chinese efforts remain limited to free Android apps.

Barnes & Noble's Nook tablets add full Google Play app support

Barnes & Noble is expanding Google Play support to its Android-powered Nook HD and Nook HD+ tablets, offering users access to more than 700,000 applications and games as well as millions of songs, movies and television programs. Nook owners were previously limited to downloading apps and content offered via the bookseller's own Nook Store.

Amazon Appstore for Android expands to nearly 200 countries

Amazon is extending its Appstore for Android to close to 200 new markets, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, India, South Africa and South Korea, dialing up the pressure on rival Google Play.

Amazon threatens Google's ad supremacy with Mobile Ads API for Android app developers

Amazon is rolling out its Mobile Ads API beta, enabling third-party developers to integrate display advertising into their Android applications and games.