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What I learned from using Sherbit's analytics visualization app

What exactly can you learn about yourself when you connect all of your most used mobile applications and create bar graphs to provide visual correlations based on the data? Personal analytics platform Sherbit used this idea as the basis for its mobile app currently available on iOS.

IoT to drive DaaS opportunities

I came across an interesting blog post by Gartner analyst David Yockelson. He argues that the Internet of Things will drive data as a service opportunities.

More than half of enterprises are providing mobile apps to non-regular employees, partners

While some analysts and research indicate that mobile apps are struggling to take hold in the enterprise, at least one survey by mobile app management firm Apperian shows significant interest in enterprise mobile app development.

CXM advice: Just because you can doesn't mean you should

It's hard to argue with customer experience strategies that help engage customers where they are and provide information right when they need it.  But there's such a thing as taking a good idea too far.

Nitro acquires marketing technology vendor DoxIQ

Document-productivity vendor Nitro scooped up enterprise software company DoxIQ this month to keep its momentum going to become a cloud-based smart document services vendor.

Egnyte's Smart Reporting and Auditing service pulls analytics from stored content

Egnyte's new Smart Reporting and Auditing service tackles the heavy lifting of pulling analytics from all sorts of stored content, allowing companies to identify trends and base future business decisions on facts rather than educated guesses.

Mobile devices 'dramatically improved' 78% of employees' work lives

Seismic surveyed attendees at Salesforce's Dreamforce conference last week on how their teams use mobile devices and the value they see in them. Seventy-eight percent of workers who use mobile devices believe the tech has dramatically improved their work life in 2015, according to the surveyt.

Spotlight: Big data to team with IoT in the enterprise

Big data analytics will play a major role in business use of the Internet of Things, enabling businesses to increase revenue and cut costs over the next 12 to 18 months, according to market research firm Strategy Analytics.

Don't let IoT become a wrench in the works

IoT will change the way manufacturing works. But this won't happen willy-nilly. Manufacturers will need to have a plan to ensure IoT investments enhance processes, instead of becoming a wrench in the works.

Making content analytics work for you

We  reported recently that organizations are increasingly finding value in content analytics. Seventy-three percent of businesses polled by AIIM for a recent study said there's "real business insight to be gained" from assessing the business intelligence and analytics of digital content but figuring out how to free that data confounds many companies. Ben Rossi, group editor at Information Age, had some suggestions that may help.