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Latest Headlines

Google brings on wireless operators to help push Android for Work

Google today announced partnerships with eight mobile carriers to further push the adoption of its Android for Work container technology. This marks the latest move by the tech giant to rehabilitate the image of its mobile operating system as too insecure for enterprise deployments.

Android takes another blow

A researcher from Trend Micro reported a flaw in more than half of Android smartphones that an attacker could exploit to render an Android phone "apparently dead – silent, unable to make calls, with a lifeless screen."

Close to 1B Android devices vulnerable to devastating text-based attack, warns Zimperium

Close to one billion Android smartphones are vulnerable to a text-based attack that could result in an attacker gaining control of a compromised device without the victim's knowledge, warned security firm Zimperium Mobile Security in a blog post Monday.

Leak of Cortana for Android beta likely from Windows Insider member in US or China

A beta version of Cortana for Android has been leaked by Finnish site SuomiMobiili, VentureBeat reported.

Microsoft unveils universal OneNote app for iPads, iPhones

Microsoft has created a universal OneNote app for both iPads and iPhones, the OneNote Team announced on Thursday. This popular note-taking app is designed for the busy executive on the go, or for anyone who takes notes on the move.

BlackBerry buys two new Android-related domain names, fueling speculation

BlackBerry has registered Android-related domain names, including "AndroidSecured.com" and "AndroidSecured.net," according to a report by Reuters.

Amazon releases Android, iOS mobile apps for its Cloud Drive service

Amazon has released dedicated Android and iOS mobile apps for its Cloud Drive service, which is a competitor to Dropbox, Google Drive and other file hosing service, reported TechCrunch.

Don't put your cookout plans on hold to solve your cloud crisis: Google has an app for that

IT admins no longer have to rush into the office on weekends to fix a mission-critical problem with their cloud services. Instead, they can fire up the new mobile app from Google and fix the problem without having to cancel their cookout with family and friends.

Spotlight: Oracle scores temporary victory in API dispute with Google

Oracle has won a victory, albeit temporary, with the Supreme Court over an API dispute it's been having with Google. Oracle believes it owns copyright over Java-based APIs and is currently suing...

Tablet market sees largest quarterly drop ever, says ABI

Tablets shipments declined by the largest amount since the category's inception in 2009, according to ABI Research. Shipments of branded tablets declined by 35 percent quarter-over-quarter and 16 percent year-over-year in the first quarter of this year.