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Latest Headlines

Google to phase out passwords for Android apps

Google announced a plan to phase out traditional passwords for Android apps and replace them with newly developed "trust scores" at a developer's panel Friday at Google's I/O, reported Android Authority.

Developers can embed Skype for Business capabilities into any iOS, Android apps with new SDK Preview

Skype for Business App SDK Preview is now available for developers, and that means Skype's instant messaging, audio and video capabilities can be embedded into any iOS and Android app using the software development kit.

New SDK brings Skype for Business to Android and iOS

Microsoft is enabling enterprise software developers to integrate Skype for Business into their customized mobile applications on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Oracle quantifies how it lost tens of millions to Google

The latest on the Oracle versus Google front paints Oracle as a sympathetic party. Oracle co-CEO Safra Catz testified in court yesterday that the database giant had no choice but to give premiere customers like Amazon and Samsung "massive discounts" in order to compete with Google's Android, Business Insider reported.

Malware attacks targeting iOS are on the rise, says Check Point

Malware attacks targeting Apple's iOS devices are on the rise, warned Check Point in its latest Threat Index released Tuesday.

Google starts rolling out update for easier app beta testing

Google just made it easier to beta test Android apps with its new Google Play store update, according to a recent report by Android Police.

Microsoft catches up to Apple, Android with support for fingerprint scanners in Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft is finally catching up with Apple's iOS and Android in the mobile fingerprint department.

Feds finally probe broken Android security update 'process'

U.S. federal agencies are belatedly looking into the broken security environment of Android devices.

Jide teams with AOC to launch a Remix OS-powered all-in-one PC for Chinese enterprise market

Jide is partnering with China-based computer maker AOC to launch a Remix OS-powered all-in-one PC aimed at the Chinese enterprise market.

Spotlight: Android users can use Google Translate in any app, iOS users can now translate offline

Google unveiled two new capabilities to its Translate mobile apps that benefit both Android and iOS users.