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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Electric Cloud takes continuous integration to mobile app development with Ship.io GA

Electric Cloud has taken its Ship.io continuous integration solution for mobile developers out of its public beta phase and launched general availability.

Leaked document shows Google working to stymie Samsung's growing clout over Android

Leaked documents show that Google is steadily tightening the requirements for its partners--such as device maker Samsung--to build Android smartphones.

Hack opens the door to running Android apps on Windows, Mac

A developer has come up with a way to use Google's "App Runtime for Chrome" development to run Android apps on the major desktop operating systems.

First Android apps arrive on Chromebooks

Google unveils the first Android apps that will run directly on a Chromebook device, promises more to come in the months ahead.

Non-official mobile app stores are security sieves, says Arxan

Mobile app security continues to be the bane of CISOs' existence, and a recent study conducted by mobile app security firm Arxan will do nothing to ease their security woes.

Symantec uncovers 1,200 malicious apps on Google Play this year

Since the beginning of the year, security firm Symantec has uncovered more than 1,200 malicious apps deployed by Japanese one-click fraudsters in the Google Play store, related Symantec researcher Joji Hamada in a blog.