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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Google launches handwriting tool for Android apps

Google unveiled Wednesday handwriting input for Android apps, which enables users to handwrite text and emojis into any Android app in 82 languages and using 20 distinct scripts.

Leaked document shows Google working to stymie Samsung's growing clout over Android

Leaked documents show that Google is steadily tightening the requirements for its partners--such as device maker Samsung--to build Android smartphones.

Hack opens the door to running Android apps on Windows, Mac

A developer has come up with a way to use Google's "App Runtime for Chrome" development to run Android apps on the major desktop operating systems.

First Android apps arrive on Chromebooks

Google unveils the first Android apps that will run directly on a Chromebook device, promises more to come in the months ahead.

Android Fake ID flaw increases BYOD risks

The Android Fake ID flaw could open up enterprises that allow BYOD to malware that impersonate trusted apps, steal confidential information and fool mobile device management software.

Research project Cider brings iOS apps to Android

Six PhD students at Columbia University's Department of Computer Science have taken the wraps off Project Cider, which they bill as an "OS compatibility architecture" that allows iOS apps to run on an Android device. The team released a proof-of-concept video that shows iOS apps such as Apple's iBooks running on a Nexus 7 tablet.

News Scan: Riskiest mobile apps; Ambient intelligence coming; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for March 18, including what apps are the riskiest to use, the future of ambient intelligence, the incoming boom for the mobile wallet market, how CMOs plan to use mobile to reach their audience and what the entertainment industry plans to use location-based marketing for.

Researcher: WhatsApp database on Android devices can be stolen

A researcher has highlighted a potential privacy issue in the Android version of the messaging service WhatsApp. In a blog post earlier this week, Bas Bosschert, a consultant and CTO of startup Doublethink detailed a proof and concept in which he was able to access and decrypt the WhatsApp database containing archived chat messages.

Android fragmentation challenges enterprises, app developers and manufacturers

The fragmentation of the Android ecosystem not only challenges enterprises confronting BYOD and app developers creating apps that work across all Android devices, but also handset manufacturers trying to retain customers.

Non-official mobile app stores are security sieves, says Arxan

Mobile app security continues to be the bane of CISOs' existence, and a recent study conducted by mobile app security firm Arxan will do nothing to ease their security woes.