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Latest Headlines

Hundreds of millions of Android devices could be hijacked through remote support tool

Attackers could gain unrestricted access to hundreds of millions of Android devices made by major manufacturers by exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in the architecture of mobile remote support tools, mobile threat researchers from Check Point Software Technologies told an audience here Thursday at the BlackHat security conference.

Mobile spyware running rampant in corporate America

If you are an enterprise with at least 2,000 mobile devices on your network, there is a 50:50 chance that you have at least six of those devices infected with malware that can spy on your network.

Mobile security market to increase 25% per year, fueled by increasing threats

Mobile device security software market is forecast by Infonetics Research to increase at a 25 percent compound annual growth rate, topping $4 billion by 2018. This growth will be fueled increasing number of threats to mobile devices, particularly those running Android.

Google search to warn mobile users when sites won't work on their device

Google has begun warning smartphone and tablet users if a site, such as one that is based on Adobe Flash, will not work on their device.

Rugged mobile devices facing tough times

Rugged mobile devices are essential for difficult work environments, such as manufacturing plants, oil and gas rigs or military battlefields. But rugged devices are facing increasing pressure from consumer-grade devices, which are gaining greater acceptance among mobile field workers.

Android fragmentation challenges enterprises, app developers and manufacturers

The fragmentation of the Android ecosystem not only challenges enterprises confronting BYOD and app developers creating apps that work across all Android devices, but also handset manufacturers trying to retain customers.

Flood of BYOD devices challenges IT security pros

As mobile devices received as gifts flood the enterprise this month, IT security pros should insist that these devices have the most up-to-date mobile operating systems and enterprise mobility management products have top notch anti-malware protection. 

News Scan: Android's enterprise expansion; Get ready for Cyber Friday; More

Quick takes on mobile IT news for Tuesday, 11/19 including: Android's market share growth, the shift between Black Friday and Cyber Friday, the mobility market in the Asia-Pacific to double by 2017, the future of M2M connections and the latest from Linux.

Is malware lurking in your employee's smartphone?

IT professionals are increasingly concerned about the security risks posed by personal mobile devices in the workplace, particularly the introduction of malware into the corporate network.

Google boosts BYOD management features for Android devices

Google announced Thursday that it is adding a number of BYOD management features to Android devices, including selective wipe and Wi-Fi configuration capabilities.