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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Photos of rumored Android-based BlackBerry phone released

Photos of the rumored BlackBerry Venice phone running Android operating system have been published by the website Tinhte.vn and covered by TechCrunch.

News Scan: Google unveils Android Work platform; Oracle updates integration suite for mobile; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for June 27, including Google's I/O conference brings native mobile device management and IT controls, Oracle's updated suite makes integration easier, VoLTE expected to grow despite business case, Celtra's AdCreator plans to bring metrics for both in-app and mobile web environments and Thai analysts looking at smartphones to surpass feature phones for the first time this year.

Google hit with new EU complaint over alleged abusive app store behavior

Google is being hit by a European Union complaint from Portuguese app store firm Aptoide alleging abusive practices by the search giant.

Spotlight: Russian Defense Ministry strips Android tablet of 'risky' software

The Russian Defense Ministry has developed a tablet based on the Android OS that has been stripped of all software that could compromise Russian security.