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Latest Headlines

Azuqua enables business users to automate workflows between SaaS apps

Azuqua is making it easier for business users to manage their own software as a service applications. In the Azuqua Fall Release, the company added the ability for business users to define and automate custom business rules between SaaS apps.

APIs a strategic priority for IT managers confronting mobility and IoT, survey finds

Enterprises are making application programming interfaces a "strategic priority" as they adapt to mobile, cloud and the Internet of Things, according to a survey of 300 IT decision makers by MuleSoft, a provider of an integration platform for enterprise software.

Spotlight: Google unveils tools for Bluetooth low-energy beacons

Google launched Tuesday Eddystone, an open format for Bluetooth low-energy beacons that provides cross-platform support and improved security, as well as other tools to utilize beacons.

Amazon API Gateway aims to make app back-end creation easier

Amazon Web Services joined a growing number of companies trying to make it easier to create and manage APIs.

Spotlight: Oracle scores temporary victory in API dispute with Google

Oracle has won a victory, albeit temporary, with the Supreme Court over an API dispute it's been having with Google. Oracle believes it owns copyright over Java-based APIs and is currently suing...

Microservices architecture offers security risks and benefits, NGINX exec says

It's no secret that microservices as a way to build and deploy applications is gaining a lot of interest from businesses of all sizes. In some ways, it feels like the next natural evolution of software and services development. But when it comes to security, there are differences in how dev and ops teams need to approach microservices.

Akana unveils DevOps-like automation for API lifecycle

API-focused Akana released new features in its API Management platform that are meant to bring DevOps-like automation to the entire API lifecycle.

APIs: Critical to devs, but business needs to be aware of them too

It's a software world. Ask anybody. We're driven by apps on our computers, mobile devices — heck, even our cars run on software these days. But as an InformationWeek article pointed out, the prevalence of software really isn't anything new. The difference today is the API.

Cisco wants to help you add voice calling, SMS to your apps

Cisco announced today that it plans to buy Tropo, the Twilio competitor that makes it easy to drop voice calling and SMS functionality into apps. Cisco said the combined companies will deliver a "collaboration platform as a service."

WaveMaker aims to unify publishing, sharing, consuming of APIs

Picture it: You build an API for an application project, only to discover shortly after that the API already exists--possibly even two, three or more times. It's a waste of time and resources, but keeping track of the hundreds (or thousands) of APIs scattered throughout the organization is, at best, a difficult task.