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Latest Headlines

Lowe's takes steps to change IoT business model

Brick-and-mortar retailer Lowe's Home Improvement may have more influence on the Internet of Things than you think, according to a  Forbes  contributor.

Are APIs entitled to copyright protection? Legal experts debate

A development tools company hosts an online discussion that, in an unexpected twist of events, turned friendly at one point.

Oracle v Google Appeals Court decision could curtail data availability (and worse)

As we've noted--many times--before, you don't have to grow all your own data. Public data sources and business partners can be excellent sources for gathering raw information to feed analytics efforts.

Advantage Oracle: Appeals Court finds APIs can be copyrighted

Nobody is disputing that Google copied huge portions of Java in creating Android. But now, Google's defense that it didn't copy anything serious has been blasted to bits.

Enterprise architecture must 'refactor' for APIs, says industry exec

The proliferation of mobile applications and growing dependence on services built on application programming interfaces, or APIs, are driving a sea change in enterprise architecture, says one industry executive.

Want successful APIs? Make developer experience your priority

An expert panel discussion at DeveloperWeek in San Francisco tackled "emergent APIs" and offered practical advice on building API-centric products and services.

Evernote: A case study in building your business via API

Evernote says integration with third-party products via API makes customers 50 percent more likely to buy Evernote's premium version.

Apple's APIs left VMware in enterprise mobility dust

The introduction of Apple's iPhone application programming interfaces with iOS 4 left VMware with its Horizon product far behind in the enterprise mobility race, admits VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger.

Healthcare.gov security problems not confined to public sector

The security issues with the Healthcare.gov website identified by security researcher David Kennedy are not confined to that website and should be a concern for any website developed with speed rather than security in mind.

Not-so-strange bedfellows: Single sign-on, API management, good UX

Monolithic business applications (think late-90s ERP) made a certain amount of sense--all that functionality tightly integrated under one user interface. Unfortunately, as Ben Kepes points out, that interface usually stank.