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Latest Headlines

Broadcom provides greater visibility into switch performance

Broadcom wants to help enterprises monitor the performance of their switches. The networking vendor has released BroadView, software designed to monitor switch performance.

HipChat integrates third-party apps using Connect API

HipChat is looking to integrate with third-party apps using a new API it unveiled this week. The HipChat Connect API is now in beta, but several companies are already on board to integrate with the team communications service, including Meekan, New Relic, PagerDuty, StatusPage.io and Zendesk.

HP unveils Helion OpenStack 2.0 with new lifecycle management and security updates

HP unveiled Helion OpenStack 2.0 at OpenStack Summit Tokyo this week. The new version comes equipped with lifecycle management and security enhancements to help enterprises implement the OpenStack distribution.

Spotlight: 3scale enables API management on Oracle Cloud

3scale launched its API management tool on Oracle Cloud.

Infographic: What a long, strange trip it's been for mobile backend

Mobile back-end technology had its roots in Web 1.0 back in the 1990s and Web 2.0 in the 2000s. Then, in the early years of this decade came application program interfaces, mobile backend as a service and API management. These are evolving into microservices, explained Appcelerator in an infographic.

Spotlight: Baseline capacity increasing in API engines

Performance of API engines is still lacking, but Varnish API Engine just achieved a baseline capacity of delivering 23,000 APIs per second on a three-node engine cluster.

VMware supports OpenStack Kilo, AWS GovCloud in vRealize Automation 7

VMware introduced new versions of its vRealize Automation and vRealize Business products at VMworld 2015 Europe in Barcelona, Spain. The new releases include greater support for more cloud architectures, including OpenStack Kilo and AWS GovCloud (U.S.), but are also intended to help DevOps teams simplify and speed up application delivery.

Azuqua enables business users to automate workflows between SaaS apps

Azuqua is making it easier for business users to manage their own software as a service applications. In the Azuqua Fall Release, the company added the ability for business users to define and automate custom business rules between SaaS apps.

APIs a strategic priority for IT managers confronting mobility and IoT, survey finds

Enterprises are making application programming interfaces a "strategic priority" as they adapt to mobile, cloud and the Internet of Things, according to a survey of 300 IT decision makers by MuleSoft, a provider of an integration platform for enterprise software.

Spotlight: Google unveils tools for Bluetooth low-energy beacons

Google launched Tuesday Eddystone, an open format for Bluetooth low-energy beacons that provides cross-platform support and improved security, as well as other tools to utilize beacons.