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Latest Headlines

Abandon hope of standardization, all ye who enter mobile app development

It is unlikely that app developers will ever see a standard approach to mobile app development, observes Suhas Uliyar, vice president of mobile strategy at Oracle.

25% of IT's budget will go to mobile apps by 2017, predicts IDC

2015 is just around the corner, and as more organizations prepare for the new year, they also are preparing their IT budgets.  Research firm IDC recently released budget predictions for 2015 and beyond, and specifically predicts that one-fourth of enterprises' IT budgets will be reserved for development and deployment of mobile applications by 2017.

Poor user experience dooms many enterprise mobile app efforts

It's no secret that the IT workforce isn't producing enough skilled mobile application developers to keep up with demand. That fact may be behind the findings of a new study, which says poor user experiences are the leading cause of enterprise mobile app failures.

Apperian, Alpha Software team to close enterprise mobile app gap

Enterprises are struggling to keep up with the demand for mobile business applications. Two companies – Apperian and Alpha Software – are teaming to solve this growing mobile app gap.

More bad news for app developers on the horizon

Reports that mobile commerce is dramatically on the increase this holiday season is not good news for app developers, who say they are already struggling to keep up with app demand.

Infographic: Enterprises struggle to close mobile app gap

A full 71 percent of IT organizations say they cannot keep up with the demand for custom business apps, according to a survey of 470 IT and business pros by Mendix.

Large disconnect between IT and app developers over enterprise mobile apps

There is a large disconnect between IT decision makers and mobile app developers when it comes to management ideas about enterprise apps and developer reality.

News Scan: Smartphone users want doctor on call; Mobile apps get more time;

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for Wednesday, July 9, including a survey stating patient preference to communicate with doctors using smartphones, statistics rise on mobile app use in smartphone users, the takeoff of cloud app development and management platforms, mobile broadband traffic drives operator use of CSCR platforms and the strong demand for enterprise mobile solutions to drive U.S. and European sales.

Mobile-first could be a mobile-bust, warns Pegasystems chief

Many organizations are adopting a "mobile-first" strategy for their web and app development.But a mobile-first strategy could backfire and create more silos and dysfunction in organizations, warns Alan Trefler, CEO of business software firm Pegasystems.

SQL injection attacks: Stop the madness

Successful SQL injection attacks are rampant, despite the fact that SQL injection holes have been around for many years and can be easily fixed in the app development stage.