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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Delphix acquires Axis Technology to beef up its DaaS data masking

To improve its ability to offer companies data masking technology, data-as-a-service provider Delphix has acquired Axis Technology Software, a Boston-based data masking provider.

More bad news for app developers on the horizon

Reports that mobile commerce is dramatically on the increase this holiday season is not good news for app developers, who say they are already struggling to keep up with app demand.

SQL injection attacks: Stop the madness

Successful SQL injection attacks are rampant, despite the fact that SQL injection holes have been around for many years and can be easily fixed in the app development stage.

Mobile Helix launches HTML5-based platform for fixed, mobile enterprise apps

Mobile Helix this week launched an HTML5-based enterprise application development and data security platform called Link.

Enterprises expect number of new mobile applications to surpass desktop applications

Enterprises expect the number of new mobile applications to surpass the number of new desktop applications, according to a survey of 770 C-level executives and IT professionals conducted by Appcelerator, a mobile app development platform provider.

Companies grapple with shortage of mobile app developers

Companies large and small are looking to get into the mobile apps game, but their efforts are stymied by a shortage of software engineers with mobile development experience. According to The Wall

Signs point to opportunities in mobile enterprise, but market isn't so easy to tap

I keep reading about the vast opportunities in the enterprise market for the wireless industry, and, of course, they all center around spurring greater productivity among mobile workers. A recent IBM

IBM survey: Business app development set to surge

Business app development for smartphones and tablets is anticipated to pass all other forms of business software development by 2015, according to a recent IBM (NYSE: IBM) survey of 2,000 technology