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Enterprises beware: 6 security vulnerabilities uncovered in Apple App Store in past 7 months

Enterprises can no longer rely on Apple's vetting process for its App Store because six major security vulnerabilities have been uncovered in the store over the past seven months, according to Appthority's latest Enterprise Mobile Threat Report released Wednesday.

ProtonMail adds Apple TouchID, auto lock to latest iOS app update

Secure email ProtonMail is adding Apple's TouchID so that iPhone users can use their fingerprint instead of passwords. The TouchID feature is included Proton Mail iOS v1.2.3, which was released in the Apple App Store this week.

Reddit's mobile app is so intuitive, even newbies can use it

By now, you probably know that news and entertainment online forum Reddit launched its official mobile app less than a week ago. Until now, Reddit enthusiasts have gotten by with using third-party apps like Alien Blue and Baconreader. It's time to take the new app for a spin.

Apple releases surprise update for OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Apple unexpectedly released an update for OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, which was last updated in September 2013.

Apple revises search algorithms to make App Store apps easier to find

With more app developers developing enterprise apps for iOS devices, the ability to find those apps on the Apple App Store has become crucial. Well, Apple appears to have done some behind the scenes work to make its App Store search engine more user friendly.

More iOS apps playing fast and loose with users' data

Security analytics firm SourceDNA uncovered hundreds of apps on the App Store Sunday that can extract personal information from users' devices through private application programming interfaces – all of this under the nose of Apple's famously strict app review process.

Apple yanks App Store apps that could monitor encrypted data traffic

Apple has removed from its App Store mobile apps that install root certificates that could allow an attacker to monitor encrypted data traffic.

Rollout.io enables mobile app developers to bypass app stores for updates

Startup Rollout.io, which launched this week, is offering a service to mobile app developers that speed updates to end users by bypassing the app store process, reported TechCrunch.

Editor's Corner: Zappix launches self-service app authoring tool

App analytics help developers promote their apps but a new self-service authoring tool makes it possible for non-developers to make mobile apps to compete with developers' apps. 

Spotlight: Lua's secure enterprise messaging app targets healthcare, logistics, security verticals

Lua Business Communications offers a secure enterprise messaging app for mobile devices targeted at the healthcare, logistics and security markets, explained Will Kelly in a TechRepublic article