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Latest Headlines

When creating your DevOps strategy, don't forget to make business a key stakeholder

Buzzwords are a dime a dozen in the IT world. One of the latest ones to revolve around DevOps is BizDevOps, a concept that suggests a stronger relationship between development, operations and lines of business.

Automation is not the be-all, end-all of DevOps

According to John Rakowski of AppDynamics, "achieving speed via automation tools" is nothing new, and the sheer number of automation products entering the market is creating a sense of "automation sprawl."

Spotlight: If you love DevOps, wait until you hear about BizDevOps

DevOps tends to involve the two silos of IT professionals that make up development and deployment/maintenance of applications, but sometimes the customer is frequently left out of the equation. Jonah...

There's no DevOps framework, but there is CALMS

The idea of a DevOps manual is anathema to much of the community. That's a good thing, as it allows for some quite creative thinking and innovation, but it also makes it difficult for many organizations to adopt the movement's philosophies and methodologies.

Mobile users are very impatient with slow apps, study says

Your business may be missing out on mobility money if your team isn't dedicated to crafting topnotch mobile apps, a study of mobile users finds.