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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Tim Cook speaks out against discrimination, religious freedom laws in WaPo op-ed

In a  Washington Post  op-ed, Apple CEO Tim Cook argued against a state's ability to "enshrine discrimination" through religious freedom laws.

5 enterprise apps that do mobile right

It seems like everyone is scrambling to offer productivity apps for mobile workers these days. Well, here are the top five most popular mobile enterprise apps, according to Wendyann Lewis with TabTimes.

Refreshed 13-inch MacBook Pro packs a blistering fast SSD under the hood

Refreshed 13-inch MacBook Pro has a substantially faster flash subsystem that is between two to three times faster than mainstream SSD drives.

Cyanogen funding round enables open mobile OS to take on Android, iOS

Android-based open mobile operating system Cyanogen announced Monday that it completed an $80 million round of funding, brining its total funding to $110 million. With the new financing, the company aims to become a viable alternative in the mobile OS market currently dominated by Apple's iOS and Google's Android.

Apple reportedly orders white-box servers in data center refresh

A new report claims that Apple has placed orders with white-box server makers to refresh the hardware in its existing data centers, and for use in new data centers.

Apple fixes 17 security holes in Safari's WebKit engine

Apple has plugged 17 security vulnerabilities in the Safari browser's WebKit engine, which renders Web pages in the browser.

New Aerohive iOS option opens its network access platform to Apple devices

Aerohive has unveiled an iOS version of its ID Manager app that allows secured wireless access to guests and employee devices in the workplace.

Apple's new Force Touch trackpad receives praise from fans

Apple's new Force Touch trackpad on the new 13-inch MacBook Pro receives praise.

Spotlight: Apple eases Apple Watch app submission rules

Apple is easing up on the rules for submitting apps for Apple Watch, reported AppleInside r.

Apple blames 'DNS error' for iTunes, App Store outage

We take a closer look at the massive service outage that affected Apple's iTunes, App Store yesterday.