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Latest Headlines

Microsoft looks to create family of devices you'll never leave with new hardware

Microsoft Tuesday announced the new Surface Pro 4 tablet and Lumia 950 smartphone, as well as the first in-house manufactured laptop ever offered by the company, the Surface Book.

Spotlight: Apple ditches VMware for server virtualization

Apple will not renew an enterprise licensing agreement with VMware and will instead deploy KVM, an open source alternative to VMware's server virtualization, according to sources consulted by CRN.

Spotlight: Apple reportedly buys VocalIQ speech recognition startup to improve Siri

Apple has purchased VocalIQ, a speech recognition startup that uses artificial intelligence to improve computer-human communication, the Financial Times reported, citing sources close to the transaction.

Spotlight: Outlook for El Capitan keeps crashing, says Microsoft

Microsoft's email client Outlook keeps crashing on the newest iteration of Apple's operating system.

New iOS malware presents unique challenges for IT security folks

Apple's reputation for rock-solid security has been challenged in recent months. The latest challenge is the YiSpecter malware that is attacking Apple devices by abusing private application programming interfaces.

Microsoft makes Skype more integrated on iOS 9

Skype Friday announced its compatibility with iOS 9, including making full use of the Slide Over and Split View functions that allows users to interact with multiple apps at the same time.

Spotlight: Will an Apple Ring be a reality?

Apple has filed a U.S. patent application for a smart ring that uses voice, motion and touch input to control and interact with larger computing devices, reported Apple Insider.

App developers are slow to support Apple Watch

Application developers are taking their sweet time developing apps for Apple Watch, and the jury's still out on what the incentives are for app makers who support the wearable, according to information released by research firm Strategy Analytics.

Google's Pixel C could take on Apple's iPad Pro, Microsoft's Surface Pro

Google Tuesday announced a slew of Android mobile devices, including a powerful tablet that could find its way into the enterprise.

OS X El Capitan arrives today

The latest version of OS X delivers better performance and lots of polish all around.