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Latest Headlines

Apple, IBM expand partnership to healthcare research

Apple and IBM made headlines when they announced their enterprise mobility partnership last year. Now the two firms are taking that partnership and expanding it to medical research.

Expect more enterprise-friendly changes in Apple's iOS 9

One of the most obvious signs of that transformation is the changes Apple has made to iOS mobile operating system. Based on what Apple did with iOS 8, we can eeven more exciting enterprises features with iOS 9, expected to be unveiled at WWDC in June.

Apple will not fix serious 'Rootpipe' flaw in older versions of OS X

After delaying disclosure for months in order to put together a patch, Apple says it will not push a fix for the recently discovered Rootpipe security bug to older versions of OS X operating system.

NSA chief proposes novel approach to break smartphone encryption logjam with industry

The head of the NSA is suggesting a novel solution to break the deadlock between the U.S. government and the U.S. high-tech industry over smartphone encryption.

Is the 12-inch MacBook the most beautiful laptop you will never buy?

Whether you love Apple laptops or hate them, there is no denying that Apple has punched the right buttons with the new 12-inch MacBook that went on sale last Friday. Is the laptop a must-buy though?

Why you shouldn't delay updating to OS X 10.10.3

You should update to OS X 10.10.3 as soon as possible--and it has nothing to do with the new photo app.

This week brings hints of enterprise possibilities for Apple Watch

This week has seen a few indications that the Apple Watch might just find a home in enterprises. 

Microsoft Office 365, Apple devices becoming main tools of mobile workforce, says survey

Microsoft's Office 365 and Apple's iOS devices are becoming the main tools of the mobile workforce, according to survey of 1,500 business users who downloaded the harmon.ie Mobile app.

Job listing shows Apple plans to target enterprises with Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is due to release on April 24, and the enterprise will soon be getting some attention by the makers of this wearable.

Tight security surrounds small group of Apple Watch app developers

As Apple prepares to take preorders for the Apple Watch beginning this Friday, a small group of Apple Watch app developers have been visiting Apple labs in Sunnyvale every day under security that rivals the Manhattan Project.