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Latest Headlines

Despite beefed up iOS 9 security, hacker jailbreaks Apple's latest mobile OS

While many are touting the security benefits that iOS 9 brings to the enterprise (including Apple itself), hackers are not giving up trying to penetrate iOS 9 security fortress.In fact, within hours of iOS 9's release, someone already claimed to have jailbroken it, which could pose risks to the enterprise.

LaunchKit aims to make it easy for time-strapped mobile app developers to build promo websites

For the independent mobile developer, building an enterprise app is only half the battle. In a crowded market, getting the word out through a Web-based campaign can help put an effective app over the top, but few teams—often undermanned and overworked—choose to devote resources or lack the expertise to design marketing strategies.

Expect more enterprise-friendly changes in Apple's iOS 9

One of the most obvious signs of that transformation is the changes Apple has made to iOS mobile operating system. Based on what Apple did with iOS 8, we can eeven more exciting enterprises features with iOS 9, expected to be unveiled at WWDC in June.

mHealth market to reach $6.7B this year; Mayo Clinic launches new health app

Healthcare professionals are increasingly using mobile devices and machine-to-machine communications to diagnose, monitor and communicate with patients, according to new research.

News Scan: BYOD helps Texas Roadhouse succeed; Apple's App Store tops $10 billion in sales; more

The latest in mobile IT news for Jan. 7, including the compromise Texas Roadhouse reached with employees about personal devices, the Apple app store's best month ever, a report on the increasing access to mobile networks in Western Europe, how some companies plan to consolidate their employees' devices and the best practices employed by Microsoft when it comes to BYOD.

Citrix unveils Worx App Gallery mobile app ecosystem

Virtualization firm Citrix has unveiled its Worx App Gallery, a mobile app ecosystem that enables employees using iOS and Android mobile devices to download secure enterprise apps from the Citrix unified app store, as well as from Apple's App Store and Google Play.

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Must-have iOS, Android apps for your new device

FierceMobileContent  has compiled a list of apps to help you populate your smartphone or tablet with some of the most innovative and engaging apps on the market.