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Latest Headlines

App developers feel overwhelmed by IoT data

I came across an interesting survey about app developers and the Internet of Things. Close to one-third of 675 app developers surveyed by Harbor Research feel "overwhelmed" by the data generated by the Internet of Things.  

Surviving and thriving in the new app economy

FierceCIO speaks with Otto Berkes, CTO at CA Technologies, about the firm's new study on "The Battle for Competitive Advantage in the App Economy" and what it means for the CIO.

Frustration felt by Apple Watch app developers could be eased with new tool kit

Apple is expected to unveil an app development tool kit for Apple Watch at its Worldwide Developers Conference that begins on Monday, the New York Times reported.

1,500 iOS apps vulnerable to networking decryption attack

About 1,500 iOS apps remain vulnerable to a man-in-the-middle decryption attack weeks after a vulnerable networking library was patched.

IoT groups ink collaboration deal on standards

One obstacle to the promise of the Internet of Things is the lack of agreement on standards, with a number of groups competing to set the standard for IoT devices. Two of those groups--the Thread Group and the ZigBee Alliance--recently agreed to collaborate to enable the ZigBee Cluster Library to run over Thread networks.

Secret lab, design guidelines mark Apple Watch app development

Clean designs and simple, out-of-the-box usability--hallmarks of late cofounder Steve Jobs--pushed Apple to its current state as an industry leader. In that respect, Apple Watch is no different. Cupertino has worked closely with the companies who will launch day one apps to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Enterprise security risks grow from 'shadow IT'

Skyfence, a unit of security firm Imperva, is launching on Tuesday a new version of its Skyfence Cloud Gateway that helps IT not only uncover and secure cloud-based apps that business units are signing up for directly, without going through IT--a practice called "shadow IT."

5 hot new business apps: Free Microsoft Office for iOS; Game time for Chromecast; more

The 5 hot new business apps for Nov. 12.

Augmented reality a step closer to enterprise with SAP app duo

Augmented reality apps are the oft touted future of wearables, but enterprises have so far had few options to employ the technology. German software giant SAP looks to fill the void with the release of two enterprise apps this week that are compatible with Android Wear smart glasses, as well as Google Glass, according to an article from  Computerworld.

The top 10 reasons Apple rejects apps

Apple has a reputation for keeping a tight grip on what apps can be sold on its App Store. Here are the top 10 reasons Apple rejects apps.