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Latest Headlines

Tiny ARM processor aims for the very smallest IoT applications

ARM Tuesday unveiled a new set of processors for embedded devices it will push in the burgeoning Internet of Things market.

Microsoft could be gearing up to push Windows on ARM this year

A new Microsoft job posting offers the tantalizing possibility that Microsoft is still looking to bring Windows onto ARM.

AMD ships its first ARM-based server chip

AMD has unveiled its first ARM-based server processor to challenge Intel in the data center.

Spotlight: More evidence Microsoft is still working on Windows for ARM

There's further proof that Microsoft is looking to develop a new Windows build for ARM chips.

Spotlight: Microsoft documentation points to Windows 10 on ARM-based chips

Paul Thurrott discovered evidence that Microsoft might not have given up on running Windows on ARM. 

With new Annapurna chip release, Amazon spurs questions about its plans

Amazon opened the door to a host of questions about its plans in the chip world with the introduction this week of a new product from Annapurna Labs, the chip company Amazon bought last year.

Computer makers showcase ARM-based servers

Expect commercially available ARM-based servers to arrive soon, as at least five computer makers announced ARM servers this week.

FreeBSD demonstrated on 64-bit ARM server

In a first, embedded systems company Semihalf has demonstrated a beta version of the FreeBSD operating system running on a 96-core server based on the 64-bit ARM-based processor, according to a report on Computerworld.

ARM, Thundersoft team up to open IoT accelerator in China

Chip maker ARM and Beijing-based smart device platform technology provider Thundersoft have opened what they're calling "an Internet of Things one-stop shop" for startups and original equipment manufacturers in the form of the ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator.

ARM makes aggressive moves to compete in IoT chip space

To keep up with competitors and cash in on the IoT trend, chip maker ARM unveiled this week a new hardware subsystem for its Cortex-M processors to speed up develop of chips for Internet of Things devices. ARM is also reportedly in talks to buy Sansa Security, a chip security for mobile and IoT devices, for between $75 million and $85 million.