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Latest Headlines

Cloud, BYOD to boost demand for strong authentication products

Cloud and BYOD are fueling demand for strong authentication and one-time password products. This demand is expected to boost the market for these products by nearly seven percent per year to $2.2 billion in 2018, according to market research firm Frost & Sullivan.

Spotlight: 'Moon' lands on Linksys routers

A self-replicating worm named 'The Moon' has infected a range of Linksys router models, according to the Internet Storm Center at the SANS Institute.

Security, functionality gaps exist in beacon deployments

Security and functionality gaps exist in beacon deployments at retailers and other early adopters, warns Mobiquity Labs.

Trojan defeats two-factor authentication to hijack World of Warcraft accounts

A new Trojan has been discovered that targets users of World of Warcraft, a popular online role-playing game. What is troubling is how the malware is able to defeat the company's two-factor authentication system, which is implemented using either a physical token or a mobile application to generate the requisite one-time code.

Passwords aren't so bad, say security practitioners

Despite being much maligned, passwords can be a useful security tool if bolstered by two-factor authentication, according to a survey of 428 security practitioners conducted by security firm Authentify.

Smartphone security concerns prompt makers to turn to biometrics

Smartphone security is a growing concern of both consumers and enterprises. Many owners either do not secure their phones using passwords or use easy-to-crack passwords, exposing the data on their phones to hackers and theives.

BYOD, cloud fueling demand for mobile encryption products

BYOD and cloud-based applications are fueling the need for mobile encryption software and services, a market that is forecast by ABI Research to reach $230 million by the end of this year.

USPS awards online authentication contract to SecureKey

The USPS has awarded a three-year, $15 million contract to SecureKey to develop a cloud-based authentication service.If anyone knows you, it the U.S. Postal Service. So wouldn't it make sense for the USPS to be the agency in charge of the new Federal Cloud Credential Exchange (FCCX)? The Postal Service thinks so.

Multifactor authentication comes to Windows Azure

Microsoft earlier this week announced a new multifactor authentication for employees, partners and customers of its Windows Azure Active Directory managed apps.

Barclays Wealth tests out voice biometrics

Barclays Wealth, the private banking unit of the London-based financial services firm, is using voice recognition to authenticate customers who dial its call centers.