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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Dell beefs up its endpoint security suite

Dell announced on Tuesday that it is beefing up its endpoint security suite to stop malware attacks, secure data and meet compliance requirements for corporate devices.

How Alohar hopes to 'fingerprint' the way you walk for new authentication tool

Alohar Mobile has received a patent for a system that would use the sensors in mobile phones to create a "fingerprint" of the way you walk, using the data for authentication purposes. 

Following celebrity photo leak, Apple expands iCloud backups protection

Apple has expanded the use of two-factor authentication to protect iCloud backups.

Printer security flaw enables a hacker to spy on documents

At a recent security conference in London, a researcher was able to hack into the web interface of a wireless Canon Pixma printer, used extensively by small and medium-sized enterprises and run the video game Doom on the printer's menu screen, Ars Technica reports.

Wells Fargo picks mobile banking-related startups as first participants in accelerator program

Wells Fargo has taken three mobile banking-related startups under its wing as part of its first official accelerator program.

Infographic: How all consumers end up paying for data breaches

Consumers end up paying for data breaches whether their personal information was compromised or not. That is the conclusion of an analysis prepared by two-factor authentication firm Authentify.

Cloud, BYOD to boost demand for strong authentication products

Cloud and BYOD are fueling demand for strong authentication and one-time password products. This demand is expected to boost the market for these products by nearly seven percent per year to $2.2 billion in 2018, according to market research firm Frost & Sullivan.

Spotlight: 'Moon' lands on Linksys routers

A self-replicating worm named 'The Moon' has infected a range of Linksys router models, according to the Internet Storm Center at the SANS Institute.

Security, functionality gaps exist in beacon deployments

Security and functionality gaps exist in beacon deployments at retailers and other early adopters, warns Mobiquity Labs.

Passwords aren't so bad, say security practitioners

Despite being much maligned, passwords can be a useful security tool if bolstered by two-factor authentication, according to a survey of 428 security practitioners conducted by security firm Authentify.