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Latest Headlines

Google to phase out passwords for Android apps

Google announced a plan to phase out traditional passwords for Android apps and replace them with newly developed "trust scores" at a developer's panel Friday at Google's I/O, reported Android Authority.

New USB Type-C authentication should keep your computer from frying

The creators of USB Type-C – The USB 3.0 Promoter Group – have announced a new USB authentication specification. This helps systems to confirm the authenticity of a USB device or charger, "including such product aspects as the descriptors/capabilities and certification status."

Gmail to alert users to unsecured or unauthenticated email messages

Gmail will now alert users to unsecured or unauthenticated email messages as part of a bid to ratchet up the security of the popular email service.

Mozilla to shut down Persona unified password service

Mozilla said it plans to shut down Persona, a system designed to let people use a single login across many websites.

Google testing new password-free login system

Google is testing out a new authentication method that does away with the need for passwords, according to a leak from a beta tester.

Researcher highlights serious flaw in Windows Kerberos authentication

A security researcher going by the handle of @dfirblog has found a serious flaw in the Kerberos authentication protocol as implemented in a Windows environment. The result is potentially "devastating consequences" that can only be partially mitigated against by using Microsoft's Credential Guard or with more fine-grained segregation with the Power Users group, the researcher wrote in a blog post.

Spotlight: Dell beefs up its endpoint security suite

Dell announced on Tuesday that it is beefing up its endpoint security suite to stop malware attacks, secure data and meet compliance requirements for corporate devices.

How Alohar hopes to 'fingerprint' the way you walk for new authentication tool

Alohar Mobile has received a patent for a system that would use the sensors in mobile phones to create a "fingerprint" of the way you walk, using the data for authentication purposes. 

Spotlight: The price bank customers pay for lack of authentication

This week, one of my favorite online analysts shares the experience of his new bank doubting his authenticity as a genuine person.

Top 10 issues in communications: Number 5, the uncertain future of identity

It remains the conversation we're afraid to have: the one that leads us to the conclusion that the only way to secure our communications is with a system that reliably identifies us.