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Latest Headlines

Virtualization: A solution for securing mobile identity?

If someone steals your phone then logs onto your apps, those apps may think they're working with you. What if the connection between you and those apps could be severed first?

Ping Identity architect: SAML 'might not be the future'

The identity assertion language that developers adopted for authentication just four years ago may already be outdated, says someone you'd think would be SAML's evangelist.

Apple moves to strengthen iCloud Web apps with two-factor authentication

Apple is tweaking its two-factor authentication system to make it more robust for users accessing the company's iCloud Web apps from a Web browser. According to a report on  AppleInsider, this entails the use of a verification code sent via text message to a trusted iOS device for accounts with 2FA enabled.

Framing the issue of mobile security: Is cloud the solution?

A tweet-chat session between experts in authentication, some well-known journalists, and myself, reveals the role our own perception plays in the security problem.

Elcomsoft releases new tool to access iCloud data without Apple ID

Elcomsoft has developed a way to access files stored within Apple's iCloud service without knowing a person's Apple ID. Developed by the well-known Russian company to help law enforcement analyze seized computers, the tool works by making use of special authentication tokens obtained from suspects' computers.

Cloud, BYOD to boost demand for strong authentication products

Cloud and BYOD are fueling demand for strong authentication and one-time password products. This demand is expected to boost the market for these products by nearly seven percent per year to $2.2 billion in 2018, according to market research firm Frost & Sullivan.

Spotlight: 'Moon' lands on Linksys routers

A self-replicating worm named 'The Moon' has infected a range of Linksys router models, according to the Internet Storm Center at the SANS Institute.

Security, functionality gaps exist in beacon deployments

Security and functionality gaps exist in beacon deployments at retailers and other early adopters, warns Mobiquity Labs.

Trojan defeats two-factor authentication to hijack World of Warcraft accounts

A new Trojan has been discovered that targets users of World of Warcraft, a popular online role-playing game. What is troubling is how the malware is able to defeat the company's two-factor authentication system, which is implemented using either a physical token or a mobile application to generate the requisite one-time code.

Passwords aren't so bad, say security practitioners

Despite being much maligned, passwords can be a useful security tool if bolstered by two-factor authentication, according to a survey of 428 security practitioners conducted by security firm Authentify.