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Latest Headlines

X1 Distributed Discovery turns out e-discovery search results in minutes, not days

X1DD is a scalable, on-demand tool for conducting unstructured content and metadata searches across an entire organization in minutes, no matter where the data are stored.  

Zapier reaches for the enterprise with latest upgrade

Zapier this week released Multi-Step Zaps, a new feature that is arguably the most significant upgrade since the service was launched.

Demand for cloud, automation drives Xerox to split

Xerox today announced its plans to split into two separate companies to better prioritize on more specific and tailored businesses. The shift will also include increased investment in new tech initiatives.

Solve the network skills shortage with automation

It frequently feels like technology is changing faster than IT professionals can add new skills; and that has resulted in new skills necessary within organizations, but generally not enough people with those skills. It's not a problem that's going away, but according to Lori MacVittie of F5 Networks, automation is the key.

Spotlight: November is Automation Appreciation Month

The International Society of Automation and its affiliate, the Automation Federation, have declared November 2015 Automation Appreciation Month. As part of the month's celebration, they're...

Spotlight: And the winner of the race between an NPR reporter and a machine to write a news story is…

Many jobs, from janitor to the C-suite, are being replaced by automation, or soon will be. An algorithm sits on a company board already! So, when a seasoned human NPR reporter raced a machine in...

Cisco boosts SDN strategy with Puppet automation of Nexus switches

Puppet Labs and Cisco are working together to put more automation into networking infrastructure. Through their continuing partnership, Puppet Labs Enterprise is now integrated with Cisco Open NX-OS, Cisco's upcoming operating system for its Nexus series of switches.

News Scan: Federal CIOs ordered to step up security efforts; Tony Scott hopeful IT reform will happen this time; More

The top news stories for June 16, 2015.

IoT deployments will require latest automation, networking technology

Many enterprises are thinking about or already deploying Internet of Things solutions, but IoT deployments won't be easy or cheap. In fact, IoT will require the latest in automation and wireless network technology to pull off.

Taking a lesson in autonomics from the Nordics

The region ranks high in its interest and successes in IT transformation and as such provides lessons to companies in other parts of the world, including in the U.S.