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Latest Headlines

AWS EC2 Dedicated Hosts now available

Amazon Web Services chief evangelist Jeff Barr teased last month about the upcoming launch of EC2 Dedicated Hosts, a new delivery model that enables customers to control the mapping of EC2 instances to the underlying physical servers.

Spotlight: Amazon to power Central Ohio data center with wind farm

The fourth major renewable energy project from Amazon unveiled this year will focus on the development of a wind farm in Ohio.

New AWS public data sets and the rise of a data singularity

Among the latest efforts on the path to life-saving cures is AWS's recent announcement of two new public data sets: The Cancer Genome Atlas and The International Cancer Genome Consortium PanCancer dataset. These are two of the world's largest collections of cancer genome data and they're both now available at no cost on AWS as part of the AWS Public Data Sets program.

How the public and private sectors meet in the cloud

Federal agencies have not been immune to the cloud revolution taking the IT world by storm, and private sector companies could do better to address the challenges the government faces in trying to rollout cutting-edge solutions.

Former Cisco President Gary Moore turns up at vArmour

Another former Cisco executive has turned up in a new role months after the changing of the guard pushed many of them out. Gary Moore, the former president and COO of Cisco who left the company in July, has been appointed to the vArmour board of directors.

Spotlight: How Facebook strives for sustainability

Web-scale companies are adopting green technology more and more, and social networking giant Facebook is no exception.

How to choose your cloud vendor

Cloud computing is the biggest change in the history of IT, according to IDC. Picking a cloud vendor would be easy if there were no switching costs, but training, familiarity and data gravity are not inconsequential, according to Gartner. 

Critical security bug in Xen lets guests hijack host

The Xen Project warned about a critical security vulnerability in the Xen hypervisor software, used by the likes of Amazon Web Services. 

Oracle bolsters cloud infrastructure offerings

Oracle has high hopes for its cloud services, and the company looks poised to try to take on Amazon Web Services and the other big infrastructure as a service providers. The vendor unveiled its own IaaS at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco.

Ellison: The early cloud companies were cloud before the term was invented

There's an old saying. The Internet never forgets. It's a saying that Larry Ellison might want to learn following his Sunday night keynote presentation at Oracle OpenWorld 2015. The man who famously mocked cloud computing several years ago has come full circle and embraced the concept of cloud. It's not surprising. It just took Ellison and Oracle awhile to figure out that how businesses consume software was changing.