Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

New Amazon tools help developers control costs

This isn't the first time Amazon has released cost analysis tools for its Infrastructure-as-a-Service and other cloud offerings, but the company introduced new features on its Budgets and Cost Explorer tools this week.

AWS Lambda now supports Java

An update to Amazon Web Service Lambda – the public cloud giant's event-driven cloud computing service – may make the service more accessible to developers. AWS now supports Java, but it also plans to unveil compatibility with more programming languages in the future.

Amazon VPC gets Flow Logs for network monitoring

Amazon Web Services has launched another tool that is meant to simplify and automate a function that has been, to date, more manual and required enterprises to have more overhead. The company's new Flow Logs for its Virtual Private Cloud offering removes the need to install agents to do network monitoring on the service.

Infographic: Major public IaaS providers come up short on security

According to a study by cloud security provider FortyCloud, the major providers of public Infrastructure-as-a-Service have some explaining to do when it comes to security measures.

AWS, SKA launch AstroCompute in the Cloud grant program

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Square Kilometer Array (SKA) teamed up to create the new AstroCompute in the Cloud grant program. Through that grant, AWS is offering cloud service credits and a PB of storage for an AWS Public Data Set over a two-year period for anyone using radio astronomical telescopes or radio astronomical data around the world.

It's official: Amazon Web Services is big business

For the first time today, Amazon disclosed revenue for Amazon Web Services. In the quarter ending in March, net sales for AWS were $1.57 billion. Annually, that would make AWS a $6 billion business.

In moving workloads to Amazon, Avi aims to provide more visibility and control

Avi Networks has updated its software-based load balancing product with new integration features for the Amazon Web Services public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service.

AWS Summit: Amazon launches EC2 Container Service

The big news here is really just the general availability of the container service.

AWS Summit: Cloudnexa adds more automation features to vNOC

Cloud managed services provider Cloudnexa launched the next iteration of its vNOC cloud management platform today at AWS Summit. This latest version helps to automate the management of Amazon Web Services environments.

AlienVault unveils tool to give IT more control in AWS's shared security model

With more than 1 million users, Amazon's cloud service AWS dominates the market for cloud providers. Security startup AlienVault unveiled on Tuesday its unified security management for AWS, which is intended to give IT teams built-in security controls and threat intelligence for the cloud.