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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Mail your hard drives to Google

Who needs fast connections to the cloud when you have FedEx (or UPS or the USPS, etc., etc.)? After a two-year preview, Google officially launched what it's calling the Offline Media Import/Export service.

MapR Distribution now available in AWS Marketplace for workloads in the cloud

The MapR Hadoop Distro is immediately available in Amazon Web Services Marketplace, giving customers another option in executing big data projects in the AWS Cloud.  

How the world's biggest online game League of Legends is relocating servers while users still play

User network connectivity is no game. That's why Los Angeles-based developer Riot Games took the problem seriously when users based on the East Coast complained about high latency, which their teammates and competitors on the West Coast saw in much smaller doses.

vCloud Air is doing just fine, says VMware executive

When it comes to putting together a list of major public cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings, VMware's vCloud Air doesn't typically come to mind. VMware has been vying for a space in the public cloud for some time now, but from an external perspective, vCloud Air doesn't really seem to be a contender.

The rumors are true: Rackspace will launch Fanatical Support for AWS

It appears the rumors were indeed true. Rackspace is getting ready to launch its Fanatical Support managed cloud service for Amazon Web Services.

Amazon outage takes down S3 for many users

If you tried to access Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Services (S3) early Monday morning and got back nothing but errors, then you fell victim to the latest AWS outage.

With Aurora, AWS offers another way to lock in users

Amazon Web Services said Aurora, its My-SQL compatible database engine, is now available for anyone to use. While the offering gives users a cheaper alternative to the expensive commercial MySQL products, it also further locks users into AWS. 

Here's what recent cloud earnings reports say about smaller cloud providers

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, IBM and Google are really dominating the public cloud market, making it increasingly difficult for smaller, niche service providers to stay afloat. 

Why Rackspace may just come out the cloud winner, after all

A year ago, many of us in the media were speculating on what exactly was going to happen to Rackspace, which at one time seemed like it was going to be a dominant player providing a strong alternative to Amazon Web Services.

Amazon API Gateway aims to make app back-end creation easier

Amazon Web Services joined a growing number of companies trying to make it easier to create and manage APIs.