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Latest Headlines

Despite rapid growth rates, Microsoft and Google had little impact on AWS in Q4, says Synergy

Microsoft and Google are by far the fastest growing cloud providers, but for all their growth, they had little effect on the juggernaut that is Amazon Web Services as the year closed.

AWS Workspaces finally gets VoIP integration

The signs that unified communications is moving to the cloud continue to come. Now, it's Amazon Web Services that's getting in on the game – not so much as a provider, but rather integrating its existing virtual desktop infrastructure offering, Workspaces, to more easily integrate with VoIP and UC.

Facebook prepares to say 'so long' to Parse

Parse's days are now numbered, as Facebook, which acquired the company in 2013, announced in a blog post that the service is heading for retirement.

Azure Stack technical preview goes live tomorrow

Microsoft plans to kick off the technical preview of its Azure Stack cloud infrastructure offering tomorrow, finally enabling both Azure-based infrastructure as a service and platform as a service in private data centers.

Salesforce continues along the path of converging its app development platforms

Salesforce is beginning to simplify the way it delivers its application development platforms to developers. The company has launched its latest release, Heroku Enterprise, as part of App Cloud.

Netronome aims to bring large-scale data center benefits to enterprises

Netronome wants to bring large-scale data centers efficiencies to enterprise server networking. The vendor unveiled the Agilio Server Networking Platform, a hardware- and software-based product aimed at offloading server-based networking data paths.

Real-life theft of customer details from Amazon a sobering lesson to all

Forget about reusing passwords, even using the same identity across more than one online service could be a recipe for disaster, according to one report.

Amazon Web Services offers free digital certificate

Amazon Web Services has started offering free digital certificates to developers using its cloud platform.

Are enterprise data centers destined for other purposes?

A humorous blog post by Amazon Web Services chief evangelist Jeff Barr pokes a bit of fun at what the public cloud provider's leaders must now be thinking of as rapidly vanishing legacy IT infrastructure.

MapR Partners, AWS collaboratively launch free trials with a twist

Several MapR partners have teamed up with MapR and together have collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide  free AWS Test Drives  for Dataguise DgSecure, HPE Vertica, Apache Drill, and TIBCO Spotfire for education, demonstration, and evaluation purposes.