Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

In moving workloads to Amazon, Avi aims to provide more visibility and control

Avi Networks has updated its software-based load balancing product with new integration features for the Amazon Web Services public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service.

AWS Summit: Amazon launches EC2 Container Service

The big news here is really just the general availability of the container service.

AWS Summit: Cloudnexa adds more automation features to vNOC

Cloud managed services provider Cloudnexa launched the next iteration of its vNOC cloud management platform today at AWS Summit. This latest version helps to automate the management of Amazon Web Services environments.

AlienVault unveils tool to give IT more control in AWS's shared security model

With more than 1 million users, Amazon's cloud service AWS dominates the market for cloud providers. Security startup AlienVault unveiled on Tuesday its unified security management for AWS, which is intended to give IT teams built-in security controls and threat intelligence for the cloud.

AWS offers S3 replication across regions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has beefed up its S3 object storage system with the ability to replicate data across regions.

AWS announces new public Landsat data set

AWS made data from over 85,000 Landsat 8 scenes publicly available last week. Landsat is globally considered the "gold standard of natural resource satellite imagery." In short, it is the climate change deniers' worst nightmare because the data is what it is and completely impervious to political whim and industries' wishful thinking. 

AWS avoids mass cloud reboot to fix Xen bug

Amazon Web Services significantly reduced the impact of a security bug after engineers found a way to patch most of its cloud servers without rebooting.

Live updates reducing public cloud downtime

The bad news is that a Xen Security Advisory sent to public cloud providers has prompted an update to various infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), which means rebooting the systems. The good news is that IaaS providers have improved their live update capabilities to reduce the number of complete reboots.

AWS DevOps engineer exam now available to public

The DevOps certification Amazon Web Services unveiled back in November is now available to the public. The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer--Professional is a certification designed for those working with Amazon. It's not a generic DevOps certification.

Public cloud providers square off with benchmarking tools

The monitoring of cloud-based applications and servers is becoming increasingly important, and some of the largest public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) providers are hoping to catch your...