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Latest Headlines

AWS DevOps engineer exam now available to public

The DevOps certification Amazon Web Services unveiled back in November is now available to the public. The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer--Professional is a certification designed for those working with Amazon. It's not a generic DevOps certification.

Public cloud providers square off with benchmarking tools

The monitoring of cloud-based applications and servers is becoming increasingly important, and some of the largest public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) providers are hoping to catch your...

AWS will need a differentiator to compete with Microsoft, Google for enterprise email

Amazon Web Services is continuing to target enterprise users, this time with a new email and calendar service. It'll have a tough time competing with the likes of Microsoft and Google, companies that are much more established. 

AWS increases ease of use with new multi-account support feature

The addition of multi-account feature a sign of growing maturity, popularity of the AWS cloud.

Amazon Web Services CISO on securing the cloud

We were curious as to what the head of security for the world's largest public cloud service had to share regarding top enterprise security concerns, as well as what it takes to keep AWS secure.

Why Amazon doesn't care about the enterprise

Here's why Amazon doesn't care about the enterprise, and why you should.

451 Research releases new cloud price index, sets $2.56 as current hourly market price

451 Research just released its first edition Cloud Price Index  wherein it sets the current hourly market price for a typical web application at $2.56. The price is a bit cheaper for the 'hyperscalers' at $2.36.

New Splunk and Hunk versions now generally available

Splunk announced this week the general availability of Splunk Enterprise 6.2 and version 6.2 of Hunk: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop and NoSQL Data Stores. Hunk is also available through the Amazon Elastic MapReduce, or Amazon EMR, console, which is priced by the hour. 

Splunk, AWS team on Hunk, hourly rate for fast spin-ups, instant analytics

Splunk made a big splash this week in a series of announcements that aggressively ups their big data game. Topping the list is a deal with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to integrate Hunk on Amazon Elastic Map Reduce. But of equal import are the announcements of an upgrade to the flagship platform and a new mobile tool on the heels of the BugSense acquisition. 

Amazon makes it easier to import VMware virtual machines into its cloud

Amazon has announced new features that make it easier to import VMware-based virtual machines into its cloud.