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Latest Headlines

What really happened with Juniper's last CEO?

The sudden departure of Juniper Networks' last CEO Shaygan Kheradpir last year may have been a surprise, but now the mystery of his resignation might be solved.

Barclays deploys personal biometric scanners for online banking security

Faced with a rash of high profile data breaches, Barclays bank is launching a personal biometric reader for online banking security.

UK banks have been slow to embrace mobile banking

U.K. banks were slow to adopt mobile banking, and two of the largest banks, Barclays and HSBC, didn't deploy a mobile banking app until 2012, writes Stephen Walker, eBusiness and channel strategy analyst at Forrester Research.

Spotlight: Willie Sutton would be so proud

Cybercriminals … (sniff) … they grow up so fast! 

Barclays Wealth tests out voice biometrics

Barclays Wealth, the private banking unit of the London-based financial services firm, is using voice recognition to authenticate customers who dial its call centers.