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Latest Headlines

Report: Struggling BlackBerry may start making Android smartphones

Frustrated by the uptake of its BlackBerry 10 phones, struggling BlackBerry is mulling making a smartphone that runs the Android operating system for the first time, reported Reuters, citing sources familiar with the situation.

News Scan: BES 10 heads to the cloud; Apple posts record iPhone sales; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Wednesday, July 23, including BlackBerry unveiling BES 10 as a hosted service, Apple posting record iPhone sales and revenues, an explosion of enterprise small cell deployment is expected within the next 12 months, Microsoft unveils cheapest Windows Phone yet and NVIDIA is to release its SHIELD tablet on July 29.

News Scan: iPhone 5s top seller in U.S.; BES 10 gets thumbs up; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for May 8, including the reign of the iPhone 5s, the most affordable mobile enterprise service, the app next and AppHome deal, Yahoo's key to engaging customers over social media and the increase in revenue connected to A2P messaging.

Spotlight: BlackBerry plugs security hole in BES 10

While everyone was watching what fixes Microsoft had for Patch Tuesday, BlackBerry issued its own security advisory on Tuesday to plug a security hole in BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, the Universal Device Service 6 and BES 5.

Will BlackBerry's comeback strategy work?

For me, BlackBerry makes a convincing case that it will continue to be the go-to mobility solution for enterprises in regulated industries, such as financial, healthcare and defense, as well as government customers. But that will confine it to a niche market. For industries where BYOD is widespread and usability is paramount, I don't see BlackBerry making a comeback, either in terms of handsets or enterprise mobility platform.

News Scan: Mobile enterprise apps make headway; Mobile BI to spur BI adoption; more

Quick takes on mobile IT news for Wednesday, 12/4 including: the rise of mobile enterprise apps with IT officials, mobile business intelligence lends boost to BI adoption in the enterprise, BlackBerry's BES 10 gets upgrade and helps out BYOD, PC shipments now live in the shadows of tablet shipments and the latest on mobile gambling.

BlackBerry lines up 2 new BES 10 customers as bidder deadline looms

In the not-dead-yet news category, BlackBerry has lined up two new customers for its BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 enterprise mobility management platform--as the deadline for bidders for the firm nears.

Enterprises should ditch BlackBerry, recommends Gartner

Enterprises should look for alternatives to BlackBerry smartphones and enterprise mobility management platforms over the next six months, according to a new Gartner report to clients authored by analyst Ken Dulaney. Gartner analyst Bill Menezes confirmed this in an  email interview  with  Computerworld.

BlackBerry's tale of two markets

In the enterprise market, BlackBerry appears to be doing well. But on Wall Street, the company is faring poorly.

Spotlight: Canadian Tire ditches BYOD, goes with corporate-issued BlackBerrys

Concerned about the security risks of BYOD, Toronto-based Canadian Tire has decided to issue its 3,000 employees corporate-owned BlackBerry 10 devices, according to a report by  Computerworld.