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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Your every move is recorded in police records

Sharon Fisher wrote an excellent piece in IT Knowledge Exchange at  TechTarget  on how your data falls into the black hole of a police database.

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The top news stories for April 16, 2015.

Healthcare's lessons for big data and digital transformation

In their new book "n = 1," authors Gary Bisbee, Ram Charan and John Koster explore what is happening in healthcare with digital transformation. The lessons learned there are equally valuable to IT leaders anywhere.

Here's how Adidas caught a $200k employee theft while testing a new data mining program

With a worldwide operation, complicated supply chains and retail outfits on top of manufacturing responsibilities, getting product to the buyer is not as easy as Adidas makes it seem. But using a data mining and loss prevention program powered by Oracle MICROS XBRi, the company has harnessed its point-of-sale data to cut down on preventable losses and build a leaner business.

Big data and the cloud: friends, enemies or frenemies?

How then can you know which big data components do and don't make sense to run in the cloud, both for now and in the future, considering the new technologies cresting on the horizon? How can you discern whether big data and the cloud are friends, enemies or frenemies in the short and long terms?

These 5 job markets are tops for big data pros

IT managers looking for much-coveted big data pros should pack their bags and head north to Seattle, which is the top job market for these highly-prized professionals, according to a new Dice study released today.

The latest trend worry for CIOs: The Analytics of Things

IT leaders continue to struggle with how to wrap their hands around big data. First up are concerns about security. Then it's the quest for data accuracy. And now comes the emerging trend of the Analytics of Things, says a study by Deloitte.

Top 8 influencing technologies in innovation management

A new Frost & Sullivan report says that emerging IT technologies are essential to the fast development of frugal innovative models necessary to remaining competitive in the current market. 

IoT and big data a powerful combo, new studies find

The Internet of Things has been projected to grow substantially this year, and a primary reason turns out to be the growing use of IoT devices to capture big data.

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