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Biometrics and BYOD: Let's get physical

Biometrics may hold key to solving IT department's BYOD security woes, argues an article at Midsize Insider.

Biometrics could hold key for secure BYOD

Security remains a concern for companies considering or implementing a BYOD program. One solution to improve the security of mobile devices is biometrics, the use of human characteristics, such as fingerprints, for identification.

Wells Fargo picks mobile banking-related startups as first participants in accelerator program

Wells Fargo has taken three mobile banking-related startups under its wing as part of its first official accelerator program.

Explosive mobile biometrics growth fueled by mobile transactions

The mobile biometrics market is forecast by TechNavio to see a 156.9 percent compound annual growth rate through 2018. Factors fueling the growth include the use of mobile devices for financial transactions and other security applications.

Biometrics: Mobile payments' new challenger

A number of emerging technologies are vying to revolutionize the payments industry by providing a seamless mobile experience at the point of sale. Much has been made of the Bluetooth vs. near-field communications, or NFC, faceoff, but there appears to be another rising challenger: biometrics.

iPhone 5S's rumored fingerprint sensor could spur biometrics for mobile payment security, says Frost

The rumored inclusion of a fingerprint sensor in the next iPhone should accelerate the use of biometrics to secure mobile payments, judges Jean-Noel Georges, global program director for ICT in financial services at Frost & Sullivan.

FIDO Alliance proposes strong authentication standard to replace passwords, improve BYOD security

As more and more personally owned devices enter the enterprise, the need to verify the identity of those accessing corporate networks has become paramount.

Eye vein biometrics provides missing link in BYOD security, says EyeVerify CEO

EyeVerify, a supplier of smartphone-based eye vein biometrics, is working with Android smartphone makers to offer its authentication product as a way to strengthen BYOD security, Toby Rush, the group's chief executive officer, told FierceMobileIT here in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

Iris scans come to smartphones

OKI Electric has introduced new software that will bring iris recognition technology to smartphones, as biometric two-factor authentication becomes more desirable for mobile enterprise platforms. The