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Latest Headlines

Attackers now delivering bitcoin ransomware to your inbox

The developers of CTB-Locker, the ransomware that disables systems until a bitcoin demand is met, have changed their propagation methods to include emailed spam, according to cybersecurity firms.

Bitcoin startup GAW Miners under investigation for SEC violations

Bitcoin startup GAW Miners and its affiliated businesses are under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for alleged fraud, according to leaked documents from the agency.

Russian regulator bans 5 Bitcoin sites to thwart 'shadow economy'

Russian telecommunications regulator Roskomnador blocked access to five bitcoin sites Tuesday, again solidifying the country's stance as a prominent international opponent of virtual currency. The agency banned the sites in what it calls an effort to block support for a "shadow economy."

$5.2 million in bitcoin allegedly hacked from Bitstamp

Popular bitcoin exchange Bitstamp shuttered Monday, the first signal that the U.K.-based company had been hacked for about $5.2 million worth of bitcoin. Providing few details, the executives of Bitstamp have taken to their website and social media to calm their users and to deny rumors of illiquidity.

New York Bitcoin regulation plan faces public scrutiny

When New York makes a move in financial regulation, the rest of the country is not far behind. So when Benjamin Lawsky, the state's department of financial services superintendent, announced revisions to his proposal on Bitcoin regulation Thursday, many across the country took notice.

Phishing scammers pose as Bitcoin Foundation, trick users with fake giveaway

A phishing scam designed to fool Bitcoin users into thinking they have won a payout has been identified by the Bitcoin Foundation. In a recent warning, the foundation identified two fraudulent sites that attempt to access accounts using social engineering.

Detroit had server breached, balked at $800,000 bitcoin ransom to recover

Some entity commandeered a database belonging to the city of Detroit in April, freezing the system and ordering a bitcoin ransom of more than $800,000 for return of control. Lucky for then newly-inaugurated Mayor Mike Duggan, the information on the index was not critical to city operations, and they were able to evade the pricey demand.

Seizure of Silk Road 2.0, 400 other hidden sites nets $1 million in bitcoin

About a year after the shutdown of popular deep web bazaar Silk Road, the copycat that took its place, Silk Road 2.0, was seized by authorities Nov. 5. Part of a concerted effort, several international agencies joined forces later in the week to bring down over 400 sites following the initial move last week and captured more than $1 million in bitcoin circulated through the networks.

Another Bitcoin bounty placed on rogue hacker

Some users in the community that has sprung up around Bitcoin openly flirt with operating outside of the law. So it should be no surprise that another company faced with a security issue has turned to offering a bounty to root out its attacker.

Facing growing threats and popular support, new Congress will face Bitcoin decisions

The U.S. Congress has yet to deliver any uniform or actionable policy regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But with threats involving virtual currencies gaining national attention and supporters pushing for favorable legislation, the soon-to-be elected 114th Congress may not be able to ignore the new tech.