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Latest Headlines

BlackBerry continues slide in enterprise mobility market, according to IDC

BlackBerry is counting on its enterprise mobility software and services business to save it from a precipitous decline in the handset market. Unfortunately, the Canadian firm doesn't seem to be doing much better in that business than in the handset business. The enterprise mobility software market is crowded and big names are jockeying for position. 

BlackBerry's Chen betting the farm on the software, tech licensing business

Despite continuing revenue decline, BlackBerry is seeing a resurgence of its software and technology licensing business, according to the latest financials issued Tuesday by the Canadian mobility firm.

Report: Struggling BlackBerry may start making Android smartphones

Frustrated by the uptake of its BlackBerry 10 phones, struggling BlackBerry is mulling making a smartphone that runs the Android operating system for the first time, reported Reuters, citing sources familiar with the situation.

Spotlight: Incipio acquires iPad keyboard-case maker ClamCase

While Typo was fending off BlackBerry's legal assault, mobile device accessories maker Incipio was busy acquiring ClamCase, which makes iPad keyboard casesnot unlike what Typo is now limited to selling by its settlement with BlackBerry.

You can't keep a good reality TV host down

This just shows you can't keep a good reality TV host down. After suffering a major legal setback at the hands of BlackBerry, Ryan Seacrest and his venture partners in Typo are forging ahead with an iPad keyboard that could turn an iPad into a laptop.

Seacrest-backed Typo caves to BlackBerry, agrees to stop selling iPhone keyboards

On Monday, BlackBerry announced a settlement with Typo which Typo agreed not to sell keyboard for devices with screen sizes of less than 7.9 inches, in effect all iPhones, in exchange for BlackBerry dropping its lawsuit. Typo can continue to sell keyboards for devices with a screen size of 7.9 inches or larger, that is iPads.

Takeover rumors swirl as BlackBerry plans to cut workforce at device unit

As rumors swirl that Microsoft is looking to buy BlackBerry, the Canadian mobility firm reportedly plans to cut employees from its mobile device unit.

Is your secure messaging product really secure?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a privacy advocacy group, has taken upon itself to evaluate the secure messaging products that are available on the market. There may be some surprises in store for companies that have already paid for a particular vendor's product.

BlackBerry's closing of Swedish handset facility latest move in Chen's turnaround strategy

Since taking over as chief of the company in 2013, BlackBerry CEO John Chen has steadily moved the firm away from a focus on mobile devices and toward software and services for the enterprises. As part of that effort, BlackBerry is mulling closure of the Swedish facility that developed its BlackBerry 10 smartphone line, the Wall Street Journal reported.

BlackBerry tackles IoT security with 2 new products

Following on its announcement of the WatchDox acquisition, BlackBerry unveiled on Tuesday two new products designed to secure the Internet of Things: a key management service for sensors and  IoT apps and a high-assurance computer center focused on IoT security.