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Latest Headlines

Northbridge Financial opts for Encircle app, PRIV phone to update insurance claims processing system

Northbridge Financial, a commercial property and casualty insurance management firm based in Toronto, wanted to update its legacy claims processing system. The company opted to use the Encircle platform, a suite of mobile productivity tools for claims adjusters and policyholders, and to run the platform on BlackBerry's new Android-powered PRIV smartphone.

Following acquisition of Good, BlackBerry launches first integrated EMM suite

Now that BlackBerry has digested its $425 million acquisition of Good Technology, it is rolling out its first product suite that integrates the two platforms – the Good Secure Enterprise Mobility Management Suites by BlackBerry.

Mobile devices of 2015: The good, the bad and the meh

We've rounded up a list of the most anticipated mobile releases of 2015 including wearables, tablets and smartphones. Some of those devices finished this year strong, while others seemed to fizzle out as soon as they hit the market.

Focus on enterprise software and services pays off for BlackBerry

BlackBerry CEO John Chen's strategy of focusing on the company's enterprise software and services appears to be paying off for the firm.

Apple's iPads on a roller coaster ride in the enterprise

Apple's iPads have been on a roller coaster ride in the enterprise this year, according to Good data.

Verizon to join AT&T in offering BlackBerry's Android-powered Priv in US market

U.S. wireless carrier Verizon may be joining AT&T in offering the BlackBerry Priv smartphone, the first BlackBerry phone running the Android operating system.

2 lines are better than 1 when it comes to BYOD, says Movius

To address cost allocation issues raised by BYOD, more vendors are jumping on board the split-billing ship. One split-billing solution, offered by Movius, comes in the form of two separate identities – complete with two phone numbers – on a single personally owned device

So far, integrating EMM and IoT management is all talk

Bringing together management of mobile device and app and IoT devices together only makes sense. But when enterprises aren't asking for them because OT is not talking with IT, who can blame vendors for not delivering products that they've promised.

Spotlight: BlackBerry now taking pre-orders for Android-based Priv smartphone

BlackBerry is taking pre-orders for its new Android-based Priv smartphone, the struggling mobility firm's gamble to save its device business.

BlackBerry developed PRIV for 'very underserved' Android enterprise space, says Chen

Explaining his rationale for developing the BlackBerry PRIV device running the Android operating system, CEO John Chen said that "Android in the enterprise is a very underserved space."