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Latest Headlines

Mobile apps are key to the future of BlackBerry handsets, says CEO

Without a large ecosystem of apps for BlackBerry, consumers are not going to buy BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry CEO John Chen admitted as much in a talk Friday in Palo Alto, Calif.

Spotlight: BlackBerry beefs up security on its WatchDox file sync and sharing product

BlackBerry introduced Wednesday updates to its WatchDox file sync and sharing product that improves content management and security for BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android devices.

BlackBerry's Android-based Venice phone could be out in November

BlackBerry's foray into the Android operating system, its Venice smartphone, is coming to the major U.S. carriers in November, according to a report by VentureBeat, citing "infamous leaker" Evan Bass.

BlackBerry challenges report that its QNX Neutrino OS was implicated in Jeep hack

BlackBerry is disputing a claim on Seeking Alpha that its QNX Neutrino operating system was somehow implicated in the recent hack of a Jeep Cherokee by two security researchers who were able to take control of the vehicle.

US Department of Defense approves security technology on BlackBerry smartphones

BlackBerry, which is hoping to pick up more customers in highly regulated industries, just received the U.S. Department of Defense stamp of approval for the derived Public Key Infrastructure credentials on its BlackBerry operating system and BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

BlackBerry to acquire crisis communication firm AtHoc, further builds out software set

Looking to further solidify its standing in the market as an enterprise mobile software provider, BlackBerry announced Wednesday its planned acquisition of AtHoc, a provider of secure networked crisis communications.

Spotlight: BlackBerry cuts more jobs, shifts workers to different roles

BlackBerry is cutting more jobs and shifting other workers around to different roles, the Globe and Mail reported Tuesday.

BlackBerry buys two new Android-related domain names, fueling speculation

BlackBerry has registered Android-related domain names, including "AndroidSecured.com" and "AndroidSecured.net," according to a report by Reuters.

BlackBerry adds support for KNOX Workspace, Android for Work to BES 12 platform

BlackBerry announced several updates Wednesday for its BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12 enterprise mobility management platform, including providing support for Samsung KNOX Workspace and Android for Work.

BlackBerry continues slide in enterprise mobility market, according to IDC

BlackBerry is counting on its enterprise mobility software and services business to save it from a precipitous decline in the handset market. Unfortunately, the Canadian firm doesn't seem to be doing much better in that business than in the handset business. The enterprise mobility software market is crowded and big names are jockeying for position.