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Infographic: Bluetooth vs. NFC wireless technologies

Apple last year launched iBeacon, an indoor position system that provides the location of iOS device users and enables push notifications to be sent to the device. iBeacon, which employs Bluetooth low energy wireless technology, could also enable mobile payments at the point of sale, making it a competitor to near field communications technology.

Post-season is not the only thing Major League Baseball is preparing for

As Major League Baseball prepares for the post-season playoffs, it's also laying the groundwork for teams to take advantage of fans with Bluetooth-enabled smartphones.

Trustwave SpiderLabs uncovers pooper snooper

Trustwave SpiderLabs has uncovered a security hole in a new line of high-tech Japanese toilets that enables a hacker to gain control of the automated features, such as self-raising seats and defecation monitoring.

TechNavio: Industrial wireless sensor market to increase at a 14.4 percent CAGR through 2016

The industrial wireless sensor network market is forecast by TechNavio to increase at a healthy 14.4 percent compound annual growth rate through 2016.

Google ships first Google Glass product, unveils tech specs

Software developers began receiving the $1,500 Explorer edition of Google Glass on Wednesday, according to a report by The Daily Mail.

Spotlight: 90 percent of US workers use personal smartphones at work

A full 90 of workers in the United States use their personal smartphones at work, according to a survey conducted by Cisco's partner firms.

Ford rolls out Sync voice-activated services to more vehicles

Ford Motor Company will cut the price of its Sync voice-activated mobile device connectivity system by $100 to $295, also launching the solution as an option across more Ford vehicles. Sync boats

Products in Nokia's pipeline

Nokia is still losing market share to RIM (NASDAQ: RIMM), Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Android, but the company has some new products in the pipeline that could give it a lift, writes Gary Marshall at

AT&T revamps smartphone data plans; iPhone tethering on the way

AT&T (NYSE: T) Mobility announced a major revamp of its smartphone data plans, including the ability for iPhone (NASDAQ: AAPL) and other smartphone users to tether--a feature iPhone users have

Is iPhone tethering finally coming to AT&T subscribers?

The release of Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) new iPhone OS 4.0 beta reveals the next version of the smartphone will likely offer data tethering, a feature long demanded by AT&T (NYSE: T) subscribers.