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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Boeing reportedly looks to North Carolina for $75M new data center

T5 is reportedly developing a new 127,000-square-foot, $75 million data center for Boeing at its T5@Kings Mountain complex in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, according to sources who spoke with the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Threat information without context is useless

On Wednesday, I attended an interesting panel on operationalizing threat intelligence at the Advanced Cyber Security Center conference held in Boston every year. These experts stressed that threat intelligence without understanding of the context is all but useless for IT security teams.

Boeing granted patent for mid-flight drone-charging tech

Boeing has been granted   a patent for technology that can charge the battery of a drone in-flight via a tether that connects temporarily to a ground-based power supply.  

BlackBerry backs Boeing in Black phone project

To address the stringent data security requirements in highly regulated industries, BlackBerry is teaming with Boeing in the aerospace giant's project for a highly secure Android-based smartphone known as the Black phone.

Boeing acquires records management company AerData Group

If ever there's a place you want to see an impeccable records management system in use, it's the aviation industry.  Boeing  announced this week it is acquiring Netherlands-based  AerData Group  for an undisclosed sum.  AerData provides integrated software for managing airplane leasing, maintenance and other fleet records.

News scan: Boeing goes Black; Burger King not serving SMS the customer's way; More

Check out the latest in mobile IT news for Feb. 27, including the unveiling of the Boeing Black smartphone, how Burger King could improve its customer communication, predictions about the eventual decline of the smartphone market, the future of LTE across the globe and the rise of wireless gigabit connections.

Expected FAA move long overdue

By the end of this month, a Federal Aviation Administration advisory panel is expected to recommend removing most restrictions on using mobile devices on airplanes, the New York Times is reporting.

Spotlight: Cisco kicks off new security services division

IT behemoth Cisco this week unveiled a new security services division.

Boeing links industrial control data with business IT network

The Boeing Company has developed a new approach for linking business IT networks with industrial-control systems, and the initiative has spurred a standards initiative that could enable a new kind of virtual private network.

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