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Latest Headlines

With Rowe, Microsoft wades into the news bot pool

Microsoft has released the debut version of its  news-finding bot. Named "Rowe," this news bot is housed inside  News Pro, Microsoft's personalized news reading application powered by Bing.

USAA is using bots to help its 11.4M customers, but wants to keep the human touch

USAA, a financial services firm for 11.4 million military members and their families, has plans to employ bots to help automate financial transactions, CIO reported. USAA's efforts in building up this tech underscore the importance of having bots feel more human and less robotic.

Spotlight: Bots are hot, but the backlash has only just begun

Bot hype is high, but bot technology may not be where people want it to be quite yet. An article at Networkworld dove into the deep blue bot sea, and took a look at how folks are viewing bot offerings.

Spotlight: Microsoft to unveil new bots at Build

Microsoft has plans to unveil some new prototype bots at the Build conference today, building on CEO Satya Nadella's vision of "conversation as a platform."

Rise of the advanced persistent bots

There's good news and bad news on the bad bot front. The good news is that bad bot activity is declining. The bad news is that advanced persistent bot activity in increasing.

Bots to cost advertisers $7.2B this year, says study

Advertisers are expected to lose an estimated $7.2 billion globally this year as a result of automated bots, according to a study by the Association of National Advertisers and White Ops, a provider of anti-fraud measures to advertisers.

Google shares data to seed new program aimed at blocking fraudulent data center traffic

 Other companies joining this project include Dstillery, Facebook, MediaMath, Quantcast, Rubicon Project, The Trade Desk, TubeMogul and Yahoo.

Mt. Gox 'Willy' accounts artificially inflated bitcoin, gamed markets

According to a report released by an anonymous writer who claims to have interest in the bitcoin market, someone--either a hacker or an entity inside the company--was able to create dummy accounts, referred to as "Willy" by users familiar with their activity, and siphon coins away from the market while also artificially raising the cryptocurrency's value last November.

Industry, government reports confirm security shortcomings

Two out of three IT security breaches involve attackes using stolen or misused credentials, while a majoritty of organizations have networks infected by malware and bots.

News Scan: American Technology Awards debut; IT purchasing gets increasingly complex; more

The top news stories for May 19, 2014.