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Latest Headlines

Mt. Gox 'Willy' accounts artificially inflated bitcoin, gamed markets

According to a report released by an anonymous writer who claims to have interest in the bitcoin market, someone--either a hacker or an entity inside the company--was able to create dummy accounts, referred to as "Willy" by users familiar with their activity, and siphon coins away from the market while also artificially raising the cryptocurrency's value last November.

Industry, government reports confirm security shortcomings

Two out of three IT security breaches involve attackes using stolen or misused credentials, while a majoritty of organizations have networks infected by malware and bots.

News Scan: American Technology Awards debut; IT purchasing gets increasingly complex; more

The top news stories for May 19, 2014.

Mobile bad bot traffic surges by 1,000%

Mobile bad bot traffic is up a staggering 1,000 percent this year, and one new study expects mobile to be the focus of even greater bad bot behavior in 2014.

Hackers use Amazon cloud services to steal LinkedIn member data

Unknown hackers used Amazon's cloud service to circumvent LinkedIn security measures and copy hundreds of thousands of LinkedIn member profiles daily, says LinkedIn in a case filed this week in the U.S. District Court in Northern California.

Online reservation cheats shows importance of scaling up your website

Diogo Monica's discovery about the darker side of booking a restaurant in San Francisco is par for the course in China, where many rural workers travel home via train during festive seasons. The rush for train tickets is so aggressive that specialized applications exist to help travelers snatch tickets online.