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Latest Headlines

Half-million fraudulent transactions plague Brazil's banks

How often would you let yourself be robbed every single day your business is open, until you decided it might be a good idea to shut the door to the vault?

World Cup to drive mobile video usage worldwide

The World Cup, set to kick off next week in Brazil, is expected to spur demand for mobile video worldwide, but poor video quality, high pricing and inadequate Wi-Fi infrastructure at Brazil's stadiums could dampen mobile enthusiasm.

Brazil not mobile ready for World Cup

Brazil, which is hosting the World Cup this year, is not ready to handle the mobile traffic that will be generated by all of the fans crowding into the various stadiums around the country, warns Infonetics Research.

Brazil plans in-country cloud to stop big data collection by NSA

If enough nations follow suit, the Internet will effectively be splintered and big data collection will be impeded for everyone.