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Latest Headlines

Startup Plate IQ develops smartphone app to turn paper invoices into useful data for restaurants

Startup Plate IQ has developed a mobile app for the restaurant industry designed to turn paper invoices into electronic records that can be stored, manipulated and analyzed, reported Tech Crunch.

Old Country Buffet owner uses new mobile BI tools to track POS data

To get a handle on the enormous amount of data generated by its restaurants, Ovation Brands, which operates Old Country Buffet and other restaurants, employs Oracle's cloud-based system that collects data from its Micros point-of-sale systems and processes the data using the MyMicros business intelligence and Micros InMotion mobile tools.

Salesforce beefs up mobile offering for business intelligence

More and more, business managers want to access meaningful intelligence wherever they might be. Mobile is the next frontier for analytics, and Salesforce is charging ahead with the introduction Thursday of three new features for its Wave Analytics Cloud.

Business travelers rejoice: Visa mobile service will reduce declined transactions by 30%

While credit card companies and banks are trying to prevent fraud, their practice of not automatically approving purchases made far from a person's home can be frustrating for business travelers. Visa is coming to the rescue with Visa Mobile Location Confirmation, a mobile service that uses a smartphone's location technology to verify the credit card user's location.

eHarmony finds the perfect match: Mobility and business intelligence

Online dating service eHarmony is marrying mobility and business intelligence to better serve its customers, explains an article at CIO magazine.

Mobility will revolutionize IT skill set, says IDC

Mobile technology, along with cloud services, social business and big data analytics, will change the skills for 95 percent of IT roles over the next three to five years, predicts Joseph Pucciarelli, vice president and IT executive advisor at IDC.

Mobile BI set to take off in the enterprise, says Forrester

The mobile business intelligence products are beginning to take hold in the enterprise, according to a new report by Forrester Research.

Gartner: Microsoft, Oracle lag in mobile business intelligence offerings

Despite being named leaders in the business intelligence and analytics market, Microsoft and Oracle lag behind other vendors in providing mobile BI capabilities, according to Gartner in a recent Magic Quadrant report.

Gartner: The age of the 'personal analytic assistant' is fast approaching

By 2016, a full 70 percent of business intelligence vendors will offer natural-language and spoken word capabilities for their mobile BI applications, leading to the age of the "personal analytic assistant," predicted research firm Gartner.

Mobile technology will be most disruptive enterprise force, predict 2,000 CIOs

Mobile technology will be the most disruptive technological force in the enterprise in the coming years, according to a survey of more the 2,000 chief information officers that was conducted by Gartner in the fourth quarter of 2012.