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Latest Headlines

Big data value is real and being realized, confirms new study

Despite reports of all its challenges, big data is bringing a big smile to the faces of most IT execs, a new study by Accenture Analytics has revealed.

News Scan: Overcoming bottlenecks to business intelligence; BYOD practices are flourishing, policies are not; More

The top news stories for August 28, 2014.

Buying trends in business intelligence

A new report by research firm TechnologyAdvice finds that the top three industries currently researching business intelligence, or BI, options--technology, advertising/media, and automotive--make up just 26 percent of the market. A majority of potential buyers reported that they have an expected user base of anywhere from 50 to less than 10 for their BI software and a budget of less than $20,000. 

Culture, collaboration and confidence key to big data success

The greatest advanced analytics success stories this year have been among organizations that focus on culture, collaboration and confidence, not the technology alone.

Data value still an elusive, slippery prey

Data, data everywhere... and not much value to consume. That seems to be the theme song for a majority of organizations when it comes to making effective use of the data they collect, according to new research.

Focus on data value, not its 'bigness'

Allen Bonde explains why we need to refocus our big data efforts on the usefulness of data to the business and the customer, not its size.

Analytics market grew 8 percent last year, SAP remains at top

Gartner has published its 2013 market share analysis for business intelligence and analytics software. The bottom line won't surprise anyone: spending on these categories rose by a healthy 8 percent last year.

Mobility will revolutionize IT skill set, says IDC

Mobile technology, along with cloud services, social business and big data analytics, will change the skills for 95 percent of IT roles over the next three to five years, predicts Joseph Pucciarelli, vice president and IT executive advisor at IDC.

A BI evangelist, skeptic and pragmatist walked into a bar…

And if you want to make any real progress in business intelligence, it's best to ask them all to walk into your business. Here's why...

Bracing for change: Unexpected events require flexibility for scaling down

Enterprise data can grow faster than expected or an entire division could shut down overnight, requiring the enterprise to scale down. There are steps an enterprise can make to ensure that its cloud big data vendor is ready to handle shifts in scale. Part five our FCIO special report, Scaling up for Big Data.