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Latest Headlines

IT executives think IoT is over-hyped

Nearly half of 297 IT executives surveyed by the nonprofit IT association CompTIA believe that the Internet of Things is over-hyped.

Spotlight: NSA surveillance harms US businesses abroad

Revelations about the National Security Agency surveillance programs are hurting U.S. business abroad, says a new report.

Internet of Things will be a key enabler of the digital business of the future

The Internet of Things, in which billions of smart devices and objects communicate through wired and wireless infrastructure, will be a key enabler for digital business of the future, says Gartner.

Gartner: Close to half of IT leaders are investing or plan to invest in big data tech

Around 42 percent of IT leaders surveyed by Gartner have invested or plan to invest in big data technology within a year. Fueling this investment is a recognition among enterprises that there are business opportunities that cannot be exploited using traditional data sources, technologies or practices. There are also demonstrated use cases for big data.