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Latest Headlines

More than one-quarter of companies still do not support BYOD

Despite the increasing move to enterprise mobility, more than one-quarter of companies do not support a BYOD program, according to a survey of 418 IT pros by IT managed services provider CompuCom.

Mobile apps are a certainty, so your security needs to be too

Across all industries, rare is the organization that doesn't rely in some form on mobile apps. Whether mobile apps are used on the client-facing side, for internal processes, personal apps employed through shadow IT, or any other use case, there is likely some kind of mobile computing happening at all times in the enterprise.

UC poised for rapid growth through 2020

Although I don't remember the first time I heard the term "unified communications," I'm certain it was at least a decade ago. It followed the VoIP trend and was hinted by vendors as being the next big thing in enterprise communications.

Spotlight: Xirrus streamlines Wi-Fi access with EasyPass

Xirrus launched on Tuesday its EasyPass suite of services that manages mobile device connections to Wi-Fi networks with minimal IT involvement, making it easier for BYOD users and Internet of Things devices to connect.

TITUS Classification for Mobile update adds several security enhancements

Data classification and security firm TITUS rolled out several security enhancements to its corporate email app TITUS Classification for Mobile to help bridge the gap between what employees want and organizations are willing to provide.

Employees love IT, have very few worries for BYOD

Landesk, with the help of a third-party research firm, polled over 2,500 employees spread across the U.S., U.K., Germany, France and Australia, and folks seem pretty happy about their IT support. 

Infographic: Managing mobile security threats in the enterprise

Secure mobile messaging firm Neon SMS has put together an infographic that examines the proliferation of mobile security threats by platform and some strategies firms can use to lessen risks.

Mobile security worries IT, but not rank-and-file

Mobile security is a growing concern for IT departments, particularly as more enterprises opt for BYOD environments. Yet, that same concern does not appear to be shared by the rank-and-file employees.

5 tips for CIOs to improve BYOD security

To help firms cope with BYOD security risks, Prateek Panda, co-founder and chief marketing officer of mobile security firm Appknox, recommends that CIOs take the following five steps to improve BYOD security at their firms.

Wells Fargo develops BYOD mobile app for secure advisor-client conversations

One of those firms moving ahead with BYOD is Wells Fargo. To enable secure communications between its advisers and clients, Wells Fargo has developed a secure mobile app for their advisers' personal tablets.