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Latest Headlines

4 ways BYOD is transforming business

Traditional business practices are being transformed by BYOD in four ways, writes Abby Perkins in an IT Pro Portal article.

Want better BYOD policies? Then, lighten up!

When it comes to BYOD programs, you've been reading for months about the need to keep things safe, and keep things sound. Now you're being told to keep everyone happy as well.

Survey: BYOD concerns go unresolved, IT pros want to disconnect

Nearly three-fourths of IT professionals believe company data is at risk due to BYOD devices, yet a large majority report there is no personal device management in place at their organization, says a survey by IT solutions and staff provider TEKsystems.

5 tips for a successful BYOD strategy

Bring-your-own-device is pretty much a done deal at most organizations now, but that doesn't mean the organization is really getting top value from the practice. Here is advice on how to have a successful BYOD strategy.

Employees worry BYOD means more overtime

While firms are concerned that BYOD means more security risks, employees worry that it means more overtime.

BYOD success starts with employee training

A new BYOD survey finds that 100 percent of employees use open public Wi-Fi networks. That means some training is definitely called for to help employees better understand the risks that BYOD brings.

BYOD Bill of Rights aims to close perceptions gap

A growing number of organizatons are adopting BYOD practices, but there also appears to be a growing disconnect between what employers want and what employees expect, prompting the creation of a BYOD Bill of Rights.

Taking BYOD from the cubicle to the conference room

BYOD programs are in place at most organizations today, and a growing number of companies are using BYOD to improve the quality of staff meetings.

BYOD requires IP protections

Intellectual property law seems straightforward enough: an employer has the right to works created by employees in the course of their employment. But when employees are producing work on their own time and their own device things become murky, making bring your own device considerations important.

Will enterprises need to change BYOD policies to accommodate wearables?

As CIOs and IT departments struggle to develop policies and deploy technologies to address BYOD smartphones and tablets in the workplace, a new challenge looms over the horizon--wearable devices.