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Latest Headlines

BYOD requires IP protections

Intellectual property law seems straightforward enough: an employer has the right to works created by employees in the course of their employment. But when employees are producing work on their own time and their own device things become murky, making bring your own device considerations important.

Will enterprises need to change BYOD policies to accommodate wearables?

As CIOs and IT departments struggle to develop policies and deploy technologies to address BYOD smartphones and tablets in the workplace, a new challenge looms over the horizon--wearable devices.

News Bytes: Motorola mulls WLAN unit sale; BlackBerry's death notice premature; more

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Who owns IP in a BYOD environment?

While BYOD has helped improve productivity for workers and provided IT flexibility for companies, it has also raised a number of sticking issues around privacy, legal liability and intellectual property ownership. Here are some tips for companies to protect their IP through BYOD policies.

UK enterprises continue to drag feet on BYOD

U.K. enterprises are not embracing BYOD the way their cousins across the pond are, according to U.K. experts consulted by IT Pro.

Smartphones, tablets increase workers' productivity, survey finds

Around 59 percent of knowledge workers said that the use of smartphones and tablets increases their productivity and 27 percent said that working remotely makes work easier, according to an online survey of knowledge workers by platform-as-a-service provider Eccentex.

Android gains popularity in transport, healthcare, telecom industries

Android is gaining in popularity in the enterprise, fueled by its increasing use in the transportation, healthcare and telecom services industries, according to the latest Zenprise Mobile Device Management Cloud Report.

Surveys show disconnect between IT, employees over BYOD security

Two recent surveys have found a major gap between IT departments and employees on the security needs for personally owned devices in the workplace.

Firms should consider regulatory, security impact of BYOD, Gartner advises

Before implementing a BYOD program, enterprises should consider the regulatory and security ramifications of such a move, advised Gartner analysts Leslie Fiering and Van Baker.

Large firms and SMBs split on BYOD policies, EIU survey finds

A split is growing between large companies and small and mid-sized businesses when it comes to BYOD policies, with each group finding their own balance between access and security.