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Latest Headlines

BYOD pits IT staff against employees

The BYOD trend is pitting the IT organization against the company's employees, warns Gartner analyst Chris Silva.

Many businesses are ill-prepared to handle BYOD device security

A majority of businesses are not prepared to deal with hacked or stolen BYOD devices, yet two-thirds allow their employees to bring personal devices to access corporate data, according to a survey of 250 companies by research firm ITIC and security training firm KnowB4.

SMBs driving new wave of BYOD programs

The BYOD movement will continue to define the workplace in 2014, with small and medium-sized businesses embracing the practice in increasing numbers.

CIOs better get ready for influx of tablets, smartphones

As employees come back to work after the holiday break, they will be bringing the smartphones and tablets they received as gifts to the workplace and CIOs need to be prepared.

Personal mobile devices cause nearly one-third of corporate breaches in Europe

Within the last two years, nearly one-third of European companies lost confidential or customer data because employees used personal mobile devices on the network, finds a new survey from Samsung.

CTIA survey: Large disconnect between employees, IT over BYOD

A majority of employees surveyed by Harris Interactive on behalf of the CTIA wireless trade association said that they use personal mobile devices to access work data whether their companies permits it or not.

Per-employee cost of BYOD will triple by 2016, predicts Gartner

Supporting BYOD is forecasted to cost enterprises $300 per employee annually by 2016, up from a current $100 per employee annually, according to a new Gartner report cited by CRN.

Symantec: Majority of enterprises report at least one mobile security incident in the past year

The majority of enterprises have reported at least one mobile security incident within the past 12 months, according to a survey conducted by security firm Symantec.

BYOD firms without a policy face 'security nightmare', warns security exec

Companies that allow their employees to bring their own devices to work without instituting a BYOD policy could face a "security nightmare," warned Harry Sverdlove, chief technology officer at security firm Bit9.

Middleware firms drag feet on mobile platform strategies, says report

The majority of traditional middleware providers such as IBM, Oracle, VMware, SAP and Red Hat, have taken most of this year to develop mobile platform strategies, with integrated offerings not expected until 2013, according to a report on BYOD trends by Current Analysis.