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Latest Headlines

California court rules that employers must reimburse all BYOD calls

In what could be a landmark case regarding the growing practice of Bring-Your-Own-Device, a California Court of Appeals has ruled that employees must be reimbursed by their employer for the use of any personal devices for work-related matters.

BYOD Bill of Rights aims to close perceptions gap

A growing number of organizatons are adopting BYOD practices, but there also appears to be a growing disconnect between what employers want and what employees expect, prompting the creation of a BYOD Bill of Rights.

Getting employee buy-in for your BYOD policies

Israel Lifshitz offers advice on how CIOs can ensure their organization's data remains safe in a BYOD program, while also giving employees the freedom and flexibility they demand.

News Scan: Cloud OS Network; BYOD privacy protection; more

Top news articles for Dec. 19, 2013.

Keep BYOD policies simple but effective

The growing popularity of BYOD programs is placing greater emphasis on governance--formal policies that govern acceptable behavior of employees who wish to access the corporate network with their personal mobile devices.