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Latest Headlines

Amazon Local Register aims to lure retailers away from Square, PayPal

Amazon launched a new mobile payment service Wednesday aimed at luring business away from established competitors like Square and PayPal.  Amazon Local Register allows local businesses to accept debit and credit card payments via smartphones and tablets for a flat-rate percentage on all transactions.

Spotlight: Leef Access microSD Card Reader for Android

The Leef Access microSD Card Reader for Android is an adapter designed to take advantage of the USB OTG capabilities of Android devices.

Security researcher to demonstrate ATM hack, rootkit at Black Hat

Barnaby Jack was originally scheduled to give a talk at Black Hat last year on vulnerabilities he discovered in Automated Teller Machines (ATM), but his talk was yanked by employer Juniper Networks,

Passport RFID chips easily duplicated

To get around the fact that passports could be forged, many nations are incorporating an additional layer of security in the form of an embedded RFID chip into the humble paper-based booklet. An RFID