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Latest Headlines

AT&T: Carrier IQ information has been 'invaluable'

AT&T Mobility defended its use of Carrier IQ's software in a filing with the FCC, arguing that Carrier IQ's products have been "invaluable to AT&T in improving its network and the services it offers to its customers."

Why transparency is crucial to the success of mobility

Carrier IQ really isn't doing anything nearly as bad as everyone said. Had the phone companies that use Carrier IQ been forthcoming in the first place, and had Carrier IQ operated with full transparency, there would have been no story.

Carrier IQ appoints Magnolia Mansourkia Mobley chief privacy officer

In an interview with FierceMobileIT, Mobley said that many of the privacy concerns expressed by critics were unfounded.

Carrier IQ hires Verizon alum Mobley to lead consumer privacy efforts

NEW ORLEANS--Months after a consumer privacy uproar that threatened to derail its business, mobile diagnostics platform Carrier IQ has named Magnolia Mansourkia Mobley to the role of general counsel

Verizon's new diagnostics tool lets it peek into LG Revolution smartphones

Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ) is updating the Android-powered LG Revolution to introduce a remote diagnostics tool that enables customer care personnel to remotely access the device with the user's

Carrier IQ: We have lost business due to public relations debacle

BARCELONA, Spain--Carrier IQ has lost revenues due to the privacy uproar around the company's software that erupted late last year, a company executive confirmed. However, Carrier IQ has not lost any

Bill to ban secret cellphone monitoring is a good measure

When it was revealed in December that monitoring software made by a relatively obscure firm called Carrier IQ could secretly collect data transmitted over millions of mobile devices, lawmakers were

Lawmaker Markey unveils Mobile Device Privacy Act

Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) released a discussion draft of the proposed Mobile Device Privacy Act, which would require wireless operators and their partners to notify subscribers if they employ

Sprint, HTC update phones to eliminate Carrier IQ software

Sprint Nextel (NYSE:S) is making good on promises to remove Carrier IQ software from devices across its network, teaming with manufacturing partner HTC to develop a firmware update that targets the

T-Mobile USA reveals Carrier IQ installed across nine devices

T-Mobile USA has installed Carrier IQ's controversial mobile analytics measurement tool across nine different devices in use by about 450,000 subscribers, the carrier revealed in a letter to U.S.