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Latest Headlines

California Supreme Court declines to review ruling on reimbursement of work-related BYOD expenses

The California Supreme Court has denied a petition to review the decision of an appeals court concerning employer reimbursement of employees' business use of personal mobile phones, according to Melissa Schafer, an attorney with Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP.

Don't write a requiem for BYOD just yet

While some headline writers have had fun with the recent California Appeals Court decision about employer phone call reimbursement ("Could Ruling Bring Down BYOD"), an analysis of the court's decision suggests a much more limited impact on BYOD.

Frequent mobile phone users are at higher risk for certain brain cancers, says French study

Frequent mobile phone users are at a higher risk of developing certain types of brain cancer, according to a multi-year study by a French scientists published in the British journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

T-Mobile drops @Home VoIP service

T-Mobile has announced that they will no longer be offering their land-line replacement service @Home which allowed customers to make wireless VoIP calls over their home broadband connection. Users

Study: Most will use cell phone for Internet by 2020

The iPhone may have paved the way for consumers to access the Internet via their cell phone, but it will take another 12 years for the cell phone to become the primary gateway to the Internet for

SPOTLIGHT: Real drinks through Facebook

Annoyed with those virtual hamburgers and other cheesy Facebook apps that give you no real world satisfaction? Fear not, the newly-launched BarTab service has engineered a way to turn Facebook