Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

News Scan: Congress could vote new agency CIO authority today; CIOs are making the CEO 'nice list'; More

The top news stories for Dec. 4, 2014.

CEOs have strong faith in IT and their CIOs, new study finds

The vast majority of CEOs have confidence that their IT department will play a critical role in the success of their organization in 2015, a new study finds.

CEO adoption of social media still abysmally low

A new study finds that less than 10% of CEOs even have a Twitter account.

News Scan: Is IT too chicken to challenge bad tech?; Healthcare IT market on record-setting rise; more

The top news stories for May 28, 2014.

CEOs ready to spend money on mobility

CEOs are ready to spend money, and mobility is one of their IT-related spending priorities, according to a survey of 410 CEOs and senior executives by research firm Gartner.

The traits you need to keep your C-level job

Getting the CIO job is only the first step. In order to keep and thrive in their positions, CIOs and other C-level tech execs have to constantly improve and build upon their technology--and people--skills.

Most CEOs are a very anti-social media lot

A majority of CEOs do their companies a disservice by having no social media presence, two new studies reveal.

From phishing to adult content, many CEOs benefit from analyst cover-ups

One of the biggest threats to security in most organizations is the behavior of senior executives, a new study by ThreatTrack Security reveals.

CEOs lack vision to lead digital transformation

A new study from MIT and Capgemini finds that a majority of CEOs lack understanding and appreciation of what technology can do for their organization, leading to underfunding of important technology investments.

What you can learn from CIOs who've become CEOs

The CIO role is a very broad indeed. What job is broader? The CEO spot, of course.