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Latest Headlines

CEOs vs. CISOs: What we have here is failure to communicate

High-profile data breaches over the last couple of years have raised aware of cybersecurity in the C-suite. Corporate leadership is starting to take notice of the need for stronger security for their enterprise. Unfortunately, the CEO and CISO often don't speak the same language.

CEOs ready to spend money on mobility

CEOs are ready to spend money, and mobility is one of their IT-related spending priorities, according to a survey of 410 CEOs and senior executives by research firm Gartner.

One CIO's iPad frenzy nightmare

Here's a scenario few CIOs would relish being a part of: A successful manufacturing company posts great revenues, and the next thing you know the CEO decides to immediately reward each and every one

Embracing the inevitable tablet onslaught

For a little insight into one of the key IT trends unfolding this year, look no further than the Consumer Electronics Show taking place in Las Vegas this week. While CES explicitly targets the

CIO 101: So, who reviews the boss?

Writing on Fortune, contributor Daniel Debow posed the question that is sure to make employees a little antsy. In an article provocatively titled "When you're the boss, who gives you reviews?" Debow

A novel look at the CIO's need to lead

Over the Thanksgiving weekend I read "Haunting the CEO: A tale of true leadership in an era of IT failure," which the author, John D. Hughes, sent me a month or so ago. It's a short novel, easy to

10 apps for the iPad-toting road warrior

CEOs appear to be big fans of the iPad, even though it may not seem like a device optimized for business. As Robert McGarvey at CIOUpdate reports, traveling executives are discovering a growing

Is your technology moving too fast?

The pressure on the CIO to help build, sustain, improve and expand the business seems to growing. A scan of last week's tech press shows the beginning flow of year-end reviews and forecasts, looking

SIMposium: Cloud, outsourcing, IT consumerization top agenda

ATLANTA--When CIOs from around the country met at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center last week for the annual gathering of the Society for Information Management (SIM), cloud computing was high on the

"Buy-In" and other books for the CIO reading list

A host of new books dealing with corporate culture, leadership, negotiation and other career-boosting topics are on sale this fall. CIOInsight's Dennis McCafferty put together a list of 13 that might