CES 2013

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

After scrapping phone business, INQ pivots into app maker

LAS VEGAS--INQ launched in 2008 with the goal of selling "boutique" phones to users in a variety of international markets. At its height, INQ sold what was known as the "Facebook phone" and counted a total of 1.5 million phone shipments, including a few hundred thousand Android smartphones.

Dish's new Hopper with Sling pushes DVR content to mobile devices

LAS VEGAS--Dish Network announced a new service the company said will allow Dish subscribers to view live and recorded DVR programs via their mobile devices, and to move programs they recorded on their DVR onto an iPad for offline viewing. The technology helps to highlight the increasingly innovative ways that TV is migrating into the mobile realm as well as Dish's expanding interest in the mobile industry.

CES 2013: It's not what you think it is

When people think of the CES, they don't immediately think about enterprise communications. But CES encompasses many technologies and services outside the traditional consumer electronics market.