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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Chinese province aims for big data lead

Big wheels at the head of some of the biggest tech companies converged in one of China's poorest provinces for talks about building a big data industry there. "Guizhou wants to attract...

Microsoft reportedly decided not to tell 1,000 Hotmail users about hack by Chinese authorities

Microsoft failed to alert over 1,000 Hotmail users of a hack by Chinese authorities that the company detected several years ago,  Reuters  reported, citing two unnamed former employees. 

Despite accord, obstacles remain to stopping Chinese attacks against US firms

With much fanfare, President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping last month signed a cybersecurity cooperation agreement designed to stop Chinese hackers from executing cyberattacks intended to steal intellectual property and trade secrets from U.S. firms. A new report from security firm CrowdStrike, however, questioned whether the deal has had any effect on Chinese economic espionage at all.

ARM, Thundersoft team up to open IoT accelerator in China

Chip maker ARM and Beijing-based smart device platform technology provider Thundersoft have opened what they're calling "an Internet of Things one-stop shop" for startups and original equipment manufacturers in the form of the ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator.

Majority of firms worried they are potential targets for nation-state cyberattacks

Close to two-thirds of security experts believe that their company is a potential target for nation-state-sponsored cyberattacks, according to a survey of 215 attendees of the Black Hat security conference by security firm Tripwire.

Spotlight: Samsung pilloried for smartphone bloatware in China

Samsung is facing a lawsuit in China for preinstalling too many apps on its smartphones, a practice known as bloatware.

OPM breach far worse than first thought: Likely more than 18M victims, links to China uncovered

In the more than two weeks that have passed since the story initially broke, reality has begun to set in on the depth and breadth of the attack on the Office of Personnel Management, one of the worst breaches in federal government history. Some questions still surround the identities of the hackers and the intent for the gathered information, but one thing is clear: The hack was much worse than anyone originally thought.

Spotlight: More on the "China and Russia have the Snowden docs" debate

Here's a different take on the issue of whether or not China and Russia have the Snowden docs that you might want to consider.

US faces what may be largest gov. security breach, China suspected

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management announced Thursday that a cybersecurity breach had occurred in its systems. China is suspected to have carried out the attack.

Spotlight: China keeps crown as top source of attack traffic

China has easily retained its crown as the top source of attack traffic, originating more than three times the observed attack traffic as second place holder U.S., according fourth quarter data compiled by Akamai.