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Latest Headlines

Are the days of the mobile phone gold rush in China over?

China, the world's largest mobile phone market, has been seen for years by vendors as a place of seemingly unlimited demand for mobile technology. That time may be over. 

Asia-Pacific region continues strong adoption of mobile technologies

The Asia-Pacific region continues to be a leader in adopting new mobile technology and devices.

IBM, China team on big data energy conservation and renewable energy project

IBM Research just announced it launched a broad 10-year initiative to "support China in delivering on its ambitious energy and environmental goals." Dubbed "Green Horizon" one of its first partners is the Beijing Municipal Government.

News Brief: Pants that charge your smartphone; Photos that smell;

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for June 20, including the charging pants of the future, China on the precipice with LTE, Startup Path's newest acquisition, a picture's worth a thousand scents and the creative way T-Mobile is trying to recruit customers.

Spread of APTs fuels enterprise spending on threat intelligence

With the U.S. Department of Justice indicting Chinese military officials for industrial espionage, the advanced persistent threat, a method favored by state-sponsored attackers, is top of mind for IT security pros.

China and US up the ante in spy spat

The U.S. has seriously engaged in ending foreign cyber-espionage. China doesn't like that change in focus and appears to be engaged in tit-for-tat product banning and indictment tactics.

5 Chinese military hackers indicted for spying on US companies (UPDATED)

A U.S. grand jury has issued indictments against members of the Chinese military on charges of spying on U.S. companies.

News Scan: Mobile broadband spectrum auction rules issued; Apple supplier Foxconn shuts down Vietnamese factory; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for May 6, including the FCC finishing up the particulars on its plan to auction the mobile broadband spectrum, Apple supplier Foxconn's shutdown of a factory over nearby protests, a revision in IDC's IT spending forecast due to a mobile slowdown, how China and the EU are driving telecom gear spending and the expected rise in revenue from mobile sports, fitness and activity monitors.

Alibaba's joint venture seeks to upend China's mobile search market

Spurred by the rapid ascension of Chinese mobile web use in recent years, Chinese e-commerce powerhouse Alibaba Group joined with mobile browser company UCWeb to launch a mobile search engine aimed at toppling entrenched competitors in the country, according to an article from the  Financial Times.

Mobile e-commerce will be focus of Chinese Internet commerce growth this year

Mobile e-commerce will be the focus of competition in the Chinese e-commerce market this year, predicts market research firm IDC.