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Latest Headlines

Wearable tech to grow 'exponentially' this year, predicts Visiongain

The wearable technology market is expected to grow "exponentially" in revenue and number of devices this year, forecasts market research firm Visiongain.

AMD Kyoto set to challenge Atom S in microservers

Chipmaker AMD has unveiled a new family of microprocessors to take on the Intel Atom in the microserver market. Formerly codenamed "Kyoto," AMD's new Opteron X-Series is a quad-core processor based on the "Jaguar" core.

Dell, IBM announce new servers to go with Intel Xeon processors

Intel on Monday introduced new Sandy Bridge E5-2400 and E5-4600 processors, as well as a slew of Xeon E3 microprocessors.

TSMC boosts ARM processor to 3.1 GHz

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company last Thursday announced that it has built an ARM-based microprocessor that has broken the 3GHz speed barrier.

Intel rolls out Ivy Bridge microprocessor

Intel on Monday rolled out its third-generation Ivy Bridge version of its Core microprocessor, even as the chip company confirmed that more mainstream processors are slated to arrive soon.

Intel shows off Knights Corner, 50-core chip with 1 teraflop performance

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) this week unveiled the Knights Corner co-processor that it says is capable of delivering one teraflop of floating point performance. Part of a new architecture called MIC (many

HP to put cellphone-type chips in servers

Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) said this week that it is equipping a new line of servers with microprocessors that borrow traits from cellphone chips. The change in microprocessing technology for the

FTC, Intel agree to proposed settlement

Intel agreed to a proposed settlement with the Federal Trade Commission that is slated to give the chip maker's rivals in the CPU, graphics and chip markets protection against anticompetitive

IBM unveils new zEnterprise 196 mainframe; can support blade servers

IBM (NYSE: IBM) yesterday announced a new mainframe that the company says represents the most significant upgrade in two decades. The zEnterprise 196 was designed to cut data center costs and

Six-core chips from Intel, AMD to debut soon

The coming weeks and months will see the launch of new six-core processors from both Intel and AMD. Indeed, the official roll-out of Intel's new 6-core "Westmere" processors is expected to take place