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Latest Headlines

Google fixes security flaws in Chrome before hacking competition

The fixes occurred even before the beginning of the Pwn2Own hacking competition held in Vancouver this week.

Automatic update function in Chrome extensions exploited to spread adware

Spammers target Chrome extensions as a means to inject adware onto the computers of unsuspecting users. As reported by  Computerworld, at least two developers who sold their extensions have seen adware code being added to their formally legitimate plug-ins.

Google to allow only Windows Chrome extensions from official Web Store

Starting in January, users of the Chrome browser on Windows will no longer be able to load extensions from sources other than the official Chrome Web Store. 

Google Chrome for Android adds new touch gestures

Google is introducing a new version of its Chrome browser for Android, adding new touch gestures letting users more quickly navigate open tabs and access the menu.

Spotlight: OneTab Chrome Extension

The OneTab Chrome Extension is designed specifically for Chrome users who may face the problem of clutter, which can occur when too many web browser tabs are open at the same time. 

Bug bounty programs do work, researchers find

WASHINGTON, D.C.--Bug bounty programs are a popular way for software vendors to encourage researchers to find security holes in their products. But do bug bounty programs work?

Spotlight: Buffer

Buffer is a nifty tool that helps users and businesses alike get a handle on sharing on social media.

Is the uproar over Chrome's plaintext passwords much ado about nothing?

An uproar has emerged about how the Chrome browser store passwords that it remembers on behalf of users. Everything started when a  blog post  titled "Chrome's insane password security strategy" was published around the middle of this week and gained widespread attention.

Spotlight: Defer Chrome extension

Defer is an extension for the Google Chrome  web browser that make it possible to quickly save interesting web pages for reading at a later date.

Google Chromecast HDMI dongle makes Apple TV look pricey

Google on Wednesday unveiled the Chromecast, a HDMI dongle that works in a similar fashion to the Apple TV. The size of a flash drive, the Chromecast plugs directly into an available HDMI port and is powered via USB.