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Latest Headlines

Google patches a dozen high-risk vulnerabilities in Chrome browser

Google patched a dozen high-risk vulnerabilities this week as part of a security update that fixed 43 security flaws in Chrome browser.

Are Google's Chromebooks a good fit for the enterprise?

Google's Chromebook is seeing increasing use across enterprises as workers employ its versatility and simplicity for a wide range of tasks.

Chrome to surpass Internet Explorer as enterprise browser of choice

Internet Explorer will finally lose its dominance in the enterprise this year, as Chrome will rise to the top of the browser-of-choice list.

Initial tests of QUIC protocol positive, says Google

The search giant plans to eventually propose its QUIC transport protocol to the IETF.

Newly released Chrome 42 now blocks Java, Flash extensions by default

NPAPI is disabled by default on Chrome 42, with complete removal scheduled to happen by September 2015.

News Scan: Rumors of Google acquisition of Twitter resurface; Google Chrome app could be stealing your personal info; More

The top news stories for April 9, 2015.

Google cracks down on ad injecting extensions in Chrome

Google has disabled 192 Chrome extensions that inject ads without being up-front about their activities.

Google confirms a new Chromebook Pixel

Google says it is working on an update to the top-of-the-line Chromebook Pixel, which is scheduled to arrive "soon." 

Google bakes new bookmarks manager into Chrome beta

Google has introduced a new graphical bookmarks manager into Chrome Beta, which means that it could appear in the stable version of Chrome as early as late-December.

Google updates experimental password generator in Chrome browser

Google has updated an experimental password generator for the Chrome browser, though it is not clear if it will make its way into a stable release.