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Latest Headlines

CIO, CMO relationship gets even rockier in 2014

CIOs and CMOs do not have the best view of one another and have different expectations for the business, or so the surveys have said. And things may not be getting better, according to Ian Cox.

Prospective CIOs: How to get to the top, and stay there

In a post at  InformationWeek, Jonathan Feldman lists three key steps to take in order to make sure you become a successful CIO or IT leader.

CIOs could benefit from changing chief marketing technologist role

CIO and CMTO partnerships haven't always been fruitful in the past. But there are hopeful signs, when you look at the changes going on with the chief marketing technologist role today.

CMO and CIO courtships could produce tech workers with DNA of both

CIOs and CMOs have turned up the heat on their courtship, and the result could be the demand for a new breed of technology worker that has the DNA of both.

Mobility is key component to enterprise digital transformation

Mobility is an integral part of digital transformations being undertaken by enterprises this year, finds a survey by Altimeter Group.

When to hire--and forgive--a CISO

A growing awareness of cyber threats has many organizations adding the role of chief security officer or chief information security officer. Bob West shares his thoughts on when you need one, and what you should hold them accountable for.

The first 90 days: Interview with Cancer Treatment Centers of America CIO Kristin Darby

Kristin Darby may be new to Cancer Treatment Centers of America, but this CIO is by no means new to the world of healthcare IT.  FierceCIO  recently asked Darby, a 20-year veteran of the healthcare industry, about the types of new initiatives she plans on spearheading at the CTCA and her advice for fellow CIOs, in healthcare and beyond. 

Strained CIO-CMO relationships see 'Digital IQs' differently

A strong CIO and CMO relationship is a key factor in successful digital transformation efforts, but only half of organizations with both CIO and CMO roles say they have such a strong relationship, new PwC research reveals.

Today's CIOs full of attitude … and it's mostly positive

CIOs have plenty of attitude these days. The good news is that they're mostly positive, a new research study finds.

CIOs told: leave innovation to the CMO

Much has been written lately about the relationship between CIOs and chief marketing officers, and now IT leaders are being told they should leave innovation to the marketing side of the house.