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Latest Headlines

Want more security money? Learn to communicate risk

Considering all the attention that cybersecurity gets in the mainstream and tech media, it is a wonder more money isn't being earmarked for it in 2015 budgets. But if CIOs and CISOs want more money, they need to learn how to evaluate and communicate risk. That is the language that CEOs and CFOs best understand.

Managing and communicating IT security risk: A look inside Booz Allen Hamilton, Part 2

Too few CIOs or CISOs do a good job of communicating IT security risk to the C-suite, says Booz Allen Hamilton CIO Kevin Winter. The problem stems from a lack of understanding on their part about what the business is really all about, and what the cost is to the organization if any of its assets are compromised.

When the CIO reports to the CISO: A look inside Booz Allen Hamilton, Part 1

Chief information security officers somtimes report to the CFO; occasionally to the COO; and often to the CIO. It is a very different reporting structure at Booz Allen Hamilton, where the CISO is CIO Kevin Winter's boss. Winter discusses why the unique reporting relationship and what lessons it offers.

In 3 years, CIOs will spend 80% of time on cybersecurity, analytics and digital revenue streams

In three years' time, 80 percent of a CIO's time will be spent on cybersecurity, analytics and creating new digital revenue streams, predicts market research firm IDC in its FutureScape for CIO Agenda report.

Steps for selling the cloud to the business side

It's hard selling anything to the businessside today, with tightened budgets and cost-cutting measures in place at many enterprises in the U.S. and beyond. But approaching the business leaders with something like cloud investment, for storage and backup needs, can be even trickier, explains Randy McGraw.

Do you want fries with that iPhone?

Soon you you'll be able to buy McDonald's fries--and the rest of their food--with your Apple iPhone 6, 6 plus or Apple Watch, thanks to Apple Pay.

Steps for keeping your organization secure as CIO

It's not enough to keep your IT organization running smoothly anymore. More than ever, CIOs and IT leaders have to make sure their organizations, and the businesses they support, are also running securely.

CIO, CMO relationship gets even rockier in 2014

CIOs and CMOs do not have the best view of one another and have different expectations for the business, or so the surveys have said. And things may not be getting better, according to Ian Cox.

Prospective CIOs: How to get to the top, and stay there

In a post at  InformationWeek, Jonathan Feldman lists three key steps to take in order to make sure you become a successful CIO or IT leader.

CIOs could benefit from changing chief marketing technologist role

CIO and CMTO partnerships haven't always been fruitful in the past. But there are hopeful signs, when you look at the changes going on with the chief marketing technologist role today.