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Latest Headlines

CIOs be warned: Poachers are on the prowl for everyone, except you

By most accounts, IT hiring has fully rebounded from the Great Recession, and virtually all IT job titles are in high demand now with IT recruiters. That is, with one notable exception: The CIO slot.

Growing cyberthreats have more law firms, vendors looking for IT help

If you're looking for new IT job prospects, then keep an eye on the legal services field.

Surviving the first 120 days as a new CIO

Today's CIO faces more challenges than ever before. That makes it especially tough for a new CIO. Accenture's Diana Bersohnn offers advice on how the new CIO can survive the critical first 120 days on the job.

Industry Insider: How IT can effectively learn to 'just say no'

With all the requests coming in to IT on a daily basis, it becomes easy to automatically say "yes" and deal with the consequences later. Michael Hughes explains why the real challenge is learning how to say "no" from the outset--respectfully but firmly.

IT execs on the move: March 2015

March has been a busy month for tech executives on the move. To read more about these hires and more, take a look at these summaries. 

CIO finds new ally in CFO for increased security investments

With cybersecurity having risen to a top level concern in the board room, CIOs are finding that they have a new ally in the CFO for increased security investments.

Special report offers CIOs and CMOs collaboration tips and tools

The C-suite has become a virtual alphabet soup of new and emerging job titles, but none is more important to the CIO than that of the CMO. We take a look inside a special report at sister publication FierceCMO, which offers advice on how both sides can make this often turbulent relationship be as collaborative and productive as possible.

CDOs: Still small in number, but casting a growing shadow

With all the attention paid lately to the emerging role of the chief digital officer, one would think there are tens of thousands of job openings for the taking. But the reality appears to be far different.

Spotlight: Citymaps could help realtors find best neighborhoods for clients

Citymaps, which just released version 2.0, has features that could help businesspeople with their tasks, explained James Martin with CIO.

News Scan: Most malware escapes antivirus protection; Play nice with your CMO, already; More

The top news stories for Feb. 18, 2015.