Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

BI and analytics top IT investment priorities

Business intelligence and analytics have risen to the top spot when it comes to technology investments this year.

CIOs: 1 is the loneliest number, so avoid it

Being in the C-suite can be difficult for multiple reasons, not the least of them being how lonely it can get. Longtime IT leader and consultant offered his advice for CIOs to avoid being the lonely at the top.

News Scan: The pains of being a gov CIO; Learning from the journey; More

The top news stories for July 17, 2015.

Industry Insider: How CIOs and CMOs can successfully work together

Ray Downes, CEO of KEMP Technologies, looks at what it takes to develop successful relationships between the CIO and others in the C-suite, including the CEO, CFO and CMO.    

Industry Insider: Why new European privacy laws matter to US CIOs and CISOs

New EU-wide privacy laws appear certain to be introduced this year which will have impact on U.S. IT departments. Legal counsel Stephen Treglia tells CIOs and CISOs what to expect.

News Scan: DoD sponsoring CIO Mobility Industry Day; New website celebrates the Tao of all things CIO; More.

The top news stories for July 6, 2015.

IT leaders on the move in June, 2015

Last month saw a number of high-profile IT leadership appointments. Here are a few of the new CIOs and CTOs.

The 90-Day CIO: Red Wing Shoes' Marc Kermisch

Red Wing Shoes CIO Marc Kermisch shares his experiences as the new IT leader at the retailer and what lessons he has learned so far. The most important first step is to learn how to listen, he said.

How CIOs can woo and wow the CEO

CIOs have been told this year to act like the CFO, embrace the CMO, support the CDO, and get comfortable with the CSO. But the bottom line is that the executive they most have to cozy up to is the CEO.

Most CIOs suffer from communication deficit disorder

CIOs are told to champion change, drive transformation, inspire creativity and innovate. The only problem: most aren't very good at communication, a new study reveals.