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IT pros try to get to the bottom of IT hiring and retention challenges during webcast

When it comes to IT hiring, there seems to be more than a few challenges finding and bringing on qualified tech talent. CIO and IDG hosted a webcast to chat about "IT Talent, Decoded," a survey that look at the issues and hurdles to getting talented IT folks to work for your company.

As technology pervades everything, the CIO takes on influencer role, Zeta's CIO says

For Jeffry Nimeroff, CIO of Zeta Interactive, being the tech leader for a billion dollar company that pushes CRM software, customer acquisition engines, and other businesses, IT is a game of finesse.

SanDisk CIO Ravi Naik: If IT is everywhere, what can't the CIO do?

In the C-Suite, executives are pretty much tied to their role. You don't see the chief marketing officer jumping into the HR director's shoes. Nor can the head of security easily take on financial tasks while looking for a new CFO. However, one position holds all the tools necessary to become a boardroom hydra, cropping up in every department and taking on extra titles and responsibilities where necessary. In modern business, CIOs have become the jacks-of-all-trades, said Ravi Naik, CIO (and head of global real estate) for storage giant SanDisk.

PwC report: Here are 10 digital behaviors you find at financially strong companies

Professional services firm PwC Wednesday released its 2015 Global Digital IQ Survey [.pdf], which looks at what digital technology organizations use to boost business value. PwC surveyed 2,000 executive throughout 51 countries to gain insight into the relationship between digital investments and business value.

Spotlight: CIOs are not the C-Suite members pushing big data projects

You've heard it here many times that CIOs are not, for the most part, behind the push and implementation of big data projects – other C-Suite members are. This report in CIO by Clint...

US CIO Tony Scott: We've sometimes failed at even the most basic preventative measures

U.S. CIO Tony Scott said he has seen ubiquitous problems in the way some government agencies are building their IT programs. Much of the hardware, software, languages – anything that goes into building a system – are outdated and cannot stand to the level of threats that the government is facing today. Some of the systems were designed "10, 15, 20 years ago or more in some cases" and are need of an overhaul, he said.

More CIOs joining boards, WSJ reports

Along with Aerohive and Travelport, the Journal noted that ArcBest Corp., Autolive Inc., Lowe's Cos Inc., Winnebago Industries Inc. and Zion Bancorporation have all seen CIOs join their boards since February. 

Here's how CIOs should prepare for M&A activity, even before they know it's coming

For CIOs, mergers and acquisitions mean a lot of work: integrating systems, taking inventory of IT resources, ensuring compatibility of technical workflows, and many more responsibilities. In fact, IT is presented with the "largest integration challenges" during M&A events, according to a contributed article from Deloitte in Wall Street Journal's CIO Journal. The firm offered a few steps that IT and CIOs can take to set themselves up for success when companies merge.

Healthcare CIOs need a large dose of tech skills, clinical understanding, and communication prowess

FierceCIO speaks with Mick Ruel, vice president of executive search at healthcare industry staffing firm B E Smith about what hospitals and healthcare systems are looking for in a CIO hire, and what skills and qualities make or break a candidate.

BI and analytics top IT investment priorities

Business intelligence and analytics have risen to the top spot when it comes to technology investments this year.