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Latest Headlines

The CIO under assault

There is growing dissatisfaction with the performance of chief information officer, even among their own IT staff. No wonder some of them believe CIO stands for "Career Is Over."

1 in 3 IT managers say: The CIO must go!

As if CIOs didn't have enough job survival concerns, now we learn that one of every three managers in their own IT ranks thinks they need to be shown the door.

How to hire women in tech and 8 ways to help them succeed

Female technology leaders share advice on how employers can better attract women into their IT ranks, and help them thrive and succeed in the male-dominated industry.

The traits you need to keep your C-level job

Getting the CIO job is only the first step. In order to keep and thrive in their positions, CIOs and other C-level tech execs have to constantly improve and build upon their technology--and people--skills.

How do you measure up to Fortune 100 CIOs?

Experience counts a lot for IT pros seeking a top CIO position, as new research confirms that by more than a 2-to-1 ratio, external hires are more likely to be experienced for the role than internal promotions.

Mobility is transforming CIO-CMO relationship

Mobility is transforming the relationship between the chief information officer and the chief marketing officer, observes Robert Dayton, executive vice president of business analytics and optimization at consulting firm MindStream Analytics.

Don't be the only security fall guy

No organization is immune from cyberattacks. And no IT professional can guarantee a 100 percent uptime environment. But the recent departure of Target CIO Beth Jacob illustrates how a shared accountability model of IT security can prevent the CIO from facing the music alone when the unthinkable does happen.

Battle still rages over who controls IT spending

The battle over the IT budget continues between the CIO and the CMO, with mixed reports recently on who has the upper hand whenn it comes to new IT spending.

Spotlight: Gartner's strategy essentials for CIOs

What Gartner has to say on strategies for CIOs and IT departments.

Female IT leaders share career stories, advice

Thanks to the likes of Yahoo's Marissa Mayer and Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg, 2013 was the year of women in technology--or at least the year they made some big headlines--and 2014 is already continuing that trend.