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CDOs: Still small in number, but casting a growing shadow

With all the attention paid lately to the emerging role of the chief digital officer, one would think there are tens of thousands of job openings for the taking. But the reality appears to be far different.

Spotlight: Citymaps could help realtors find best neighborhoods for clients

Citymaps, which just released version 2.0, has features that could help businesspeople with their tasks, explained James Martin with CIO.

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You're not a unicorn, and other things to remember during the executive job search

If you're ready to move on to a new company and a new IT leadership position, there are a few steps you can take to make sure you are putting your best food forward as an applicant.

Should the CISO report to the CEO?

In the aftermath of the multiple mega-breaches at U.S. corporations, some pundits are recommending that the chief security information officer should report directly to the CEO, bypassing the CIO altogether.

The reclassification of the CIO

Now, more than ever, businesses are recognizing the importance of IT in their organizations. Skilled IT professionals are among the most highly prized in the workforce. But this shift has also caused the IT career landscape to change rapidly--and both executives and pros will need to reevaluate their skills and mindsets to keep up with the demand.  

How to find those elusive data scientist employees

Before you start the hiring process for data scientists, you have to first make sure the business side of your organization recognizes just how important data really is.

Burden on CIOs to close IT perception gap

It's a serious problem when business executives don't view IT as an asset to the organization. It's especially troubling when IT is actually viewed as an obstacle to success.

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