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Latest Headlines

Employees holding European firms back from BYOD

While mobile device penetration in Europe is high, European firms remain reluctant to allow BYOD. Surprising, employees are the ones holding back BYOD.

Building a successful mobile strategy

More than one-third of organizations reportedly lack a formal mobility plan. Here are steps every CIO can take to ensure their IT departments are building a successful enterprise mobile strategy.

CEOs ready to spend money on mobility

CEOs are ready to spend money, and mobility is one of their IT-related spending priorities, according to a survey of 410 CEOs and senior executives by research firm Gartner.

Wanted: Mobile tech strategy

The main takeaway from a Robert Half Technology survey is that more than one-quarter of CIOs still do not have a mobile tech strategy, even though mobility is a reality at most organizations. Deploying mobile technologies without a well thought out strategy is just asking for trouble.

CIOs conflicted about mobility

It is high time that CIOs took their heads out of the sand and confronted enterprise mobility full on, instead of pretending they can take it or leave it.

Mobile ROI not persuasive for many CIOs

Enterprise mobility can be a serious investment, and a recent survey finds that many chief information officers just aren't convinced it's a good place to spend IT dollars.

High-performing IT organizations embrace, support BYOD, says Accenture

High performers in IT encourage and support their employees in using their own mobile devices at work, according to Accenture's fourth high-performance IT research report.

CIOs should take back seat in mobile web strategy, most CMOs believe

Most chief marketing officers want complete control over their company's mobile web strategy, with chief information officers relegated to the sidelines, according to a survey of 300 C-level executives conducted by Vanson Bourne for Netbiscuits.

CIOs must plan ahead to combat BYOA pitfalls

We're not even done hashing out the myriad BYOD issues and we already have a new dog to chase: Bring Your Own Apps.

BYOD: Sleepless nights ahead for CIOs, IT personnel

CIOs are faced with greater support and security demands from BYOD with the same level of resources--a recipe for disaster. No wonder they can't sleep at night. For some, the acronym CIO has come to stand for "career is over."