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Latest Headlines

Internet traffic will hit 1 zettabyte by 2016

According to data from Cisco, global Internet traffic will reach one zettabyte by 2016. Internet traffic has grown significantly, particularly in the last decade as video and other bandwidth-intensive applications have taken hold.

Spotlight: Cumulus aims to beat Cisco with open SDN

Cumulus Networks is looking to take on the big vendors like Cisco with its flavor of open software-defined networking.

Got IP networking skills? You're in high demand

Since about 15 years ago, I've been loath to use the phrase "skills gap," but at least in the case of IP networking professionals, it appears there are too few people in the world who can do the connectivity jobs we need in our modern world.

Nutanix CEO denies his company is about to become part of Cisco

There's another rumor floating around about a possible Cisco acquisition. If true, then Cisco is on the verge of signing a deal to acquire hyperconvergence vendor Nutanix.

Cisco loses PR head as CEO change nears

Whether it's just coincidence or has something to do with the changing of the guard at Cisco, the networking vendor is losing a long-serving senior manager. A Business Insider article speculated that as current CEO John Chambers steps down, other senior talent may look for opportunities outside of Cisco.

There's a patch for Cisco TelePresence vulnerabilities

Enterprises with Cisco TelePresence units deployed may want to grab the latest security patches. Cisco released several patches to address vulnerabilities in a few of its telepresence products.

Cisco is not acquiring FireEye, but there are other potential targets for acquisition

Recent rumors indicated Cisco was making a play to purchase network threat prevention vendor FireEye, but those rumors were quashed not only by Cisco, but also by FireEye. Sources at the FireEye told Re/Code the company wouldn't even be up for sale until revenue hit $1 billion.

Chambers: Ignore all that 'garbage' about white label networking hurting Cisco

Cisco's outgoing CEO John Chambers delivered his last quarterly financial results as the company's head executive, and Chambers took another shot at white label manufacturers hoping to dethrone the incumbent networking and systems vendor.

Chambers on Chambers: What went right and what went wrong

Cisco CEO John Chambers has long prided himself and his comrades at Cisco at being able to predict market trends and transitions. Although the company isn't batting 1,000 in those predictions, it's hard to argue with Chambers' view of the vendor's history over his 20-year tenure as CEO.

Cisco wants to help you add voice calling, SMS to your apps

Cisco announced today that it plans to buy Tropo, the Twilio competitor that makes it easy to drop voice calling and SMS functionality into apps. Cisco said the combined companies will deliver a "collaboration platform as a service."