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Latest Headlines

Oracle keeps up pace while headed to the cloud, acquires Maxymiser

Oracle today announced it plans to acquire Maxymiser. Maxymiser provides cloud-based software to marketers who can then test, target and personalize what a customer will see on a website or mobile app. 

Rackspace announces Managed Cloud for Adobe Experience Manager early access program

Managed cloud provider Rackspace announced today an early access program for its upcoming new service, Managed Cloud for Adobe Experience Manager. Its designed to help marketing teams reduce the time it takes to deploy, upgrade or launch new campaigns in AEM.

Do you know a cloud-first company? Nominate 1 for our annual Fierce15 award

This year, as part of our annual Fierce15 Awards, FierceEnterpriseIT will recognize 15 companies that have been particularly innovative in adopting the cloud. 

SPOTLIGHT ON... Top cloud providers don't fully trust the cloud

As the country's top cloud providers vie for a share of the market, The Wall Street Journal has unveiled that cloud providers don't even fully trust their own product. The Journal has an...

APIs a strategic priority for IT managers confronting mobility and IoT, survey finds

Enterprises are making application programming interfaces a "strategic priority" as they adapt to mobile, cloud and the Internet of Things, according to a survey of 300 IT decision makers by MuleSoft, a provider of an integration platform for enterprise software.

Report: Hybrid cloud market could grow $84.67B by 2019

According to a new report by MarketsandMarkets, the hybrid cloud market is expected to grow $84.67 billion, largely fueled by increased adaptation in North America. Other parts of the world, however, like Latin America and the Middle East will be close behind.

Cloud adoption is up, costs are down, real savings can be had by smart negotiators

Cloud computing adoption continues to rise, cloud costs continue to fall, and sizable cloud savings continue to be available for those organizations that negotiate right, new studies reveal.

E-Spirit rolls out Corporate Content Cloud Initiative for 'true digital transformation'

CMS firm e-Spirit announced this week plans to help companies "achieve true digital transformation" with its new Corporate Content Cloud Initiative.

Recall misdirected files, media with Pushfor

A new private cloud-sharing platform,  Pushfor, aims to give businesses a way to recall mis-sent files even if they've already landed on the recipient's device.

SkyKick rolls out new set of cloud deployment management tools

Cloud management software vendor SkyKick launched a new line of products this week to help IT partners manage customer cloud deployments in a single platform. Known as Cloud Management-as-a-Service, the new collection of tools aims to reduce the time sink of migrating, backing up and managing cloud applications for dozens or even hundreds of customers.