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Latest Headlines

Amazon's first-quarter public cloud earnings up 64% from last year

Jeff Bezos' cash cow in the cloud shows no signs of slowing down. Amazon's quarterly earnings report Thursday revealed that Amazon Web Services made $2.56 billion in revenue during the first quarter of 2016, even more of a windfall than expected.

With intelligent file search, Cloudtenna improves on Microsoft SharePoint

Silicon Valley startup Cloudtenna, a rapid file sharing solution provider, announced Wednesday an intelligent search feature today for its flagship product, DirectShare. According to Cloudtenna, this could be the smart search solution Microsoft SharePoint users have been waiting for.

Project Infinite simplifies the way you access Dropbox files

Dropbox has announced Project Infinite, which will allow Dropbox users to access any file stored in Dropbox locally, regardless of whether or not you have a copy saved to your local hard drive, and without having to go on the web to do so.

Report: Microsoft spending on its cloud data center spikes

Microsoft had one of its biggest spending sprees on cloud infrastructure in company history this past quarter, Data Center Knowledge reported yesterday. The Redmond technology giant has seen a 65 percent increase in data center expenditures year over year, according to Data Center Knowledge's report on the company's recent quarter earnings call.

Rackspace partners with AppFormix to bring cloud management tools to OpenStack

Rackspace is partnering with AppFormix, bringing AppFormix's cloud monitoring and performance optimization tools to OpenStack private cloud customers.

Spotlight: Voys One telephony platform now integrates with Salesforce

Voys, a Dutch business services provider, now allows customers to integrate the Voys One telephony platform with Salesforce applications, Telecompaper said in an article. 

Squabbles between iCloud and Siri teams delay Apple's cloud engineering plans

There may be a wrench in Project McQueen's gears. The Information reported Thursday that fighting among Apple development teams has delayed the company's efforts to build its own cloud-computing infrastructure.

Microsoft aims to help IT pros get started in cloud, build a career around cloud skills

Microsoft has released two programs aimed at helping IT professionals struggling with the rush to cloud computing: How to get started with cloud and how to advance a career using cloud.

Is Fonteva's software development framework for the Salesforce App Cloud redundant?

Independent software vendors in the Salesforce ecosystem are always coming up with new ways to try to stay relevant. This week's eyebrow-raising announcement by a Salesforce ISV comes from software development company Fonteva, which announced its release of Spark Framework, a development platform natively built on the Salesforce App Cloud.

Citus Data announces new database as a cloud service

Last month, the company open sourced its latest database product, Citus 5.0. This week the San Francisco software maker announced the release of Citus Cloud, its database as a service, now available in private beta.