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Latest Headlines

BitTorrent Sync marries speed of P2P syncing with convenience of cloud storage

Between security concerns and the general inconvenience of shuffling large amounts of data from computers to mobile devices and servers, moving files between devices is a notorious pain point for companies of all sizes. BitTorrent Sync aims to remove the hassle by offering workgroups a way to skip the cloud altogether and use an alternate "shortest path between two devices."

Verilume brings self-service analytics to developers

Verilume has come out of stealth with the goal of providing developers with self-service analytics products. Its launch day offering, Verilume Cloud Builder, is a tool that the company stated makes it easy and quick to deploy clouds with OpenStack or Hadoop data analytics environments.

Cloud storage apps overwhelmingly to blame for data loss

Netskope released a report this week that offers a frightening look into cloud storage, data loss and its prevention.

Report: 35% of businesses cite data loss from improper use of file-sharing services

A new  report released by cloud storage services software vendor CTERA reveals a few interesting findings about how companies use cloud storage for their file sync and storage needs.

Dropbox takes big steps on its journey to enterprise acceptance

Dropbox took a number of steps this week on its road to attract enterprise customers.

QLogic, Cavium team on big data infrastructure

QLogic and Cavium teamed on a joint big data infrastructure product that combines QLogic 25GbE RDMA NICs and Fibre Channel Adapters with Cavium's 48 Core Workload Optimized ThunderX ARMv8-A Processors. Has ability to independently scale compute and storage resources to petabyte-class databases and beyond.

Mirantis, EMC partner on OpenStack reference architecture

There's more news from EMC. At EMC World, the company unveiled a partnership with Mirantis to pair EMC storage with Mirantis OpenStack, complete with a reference architecture. But the two companies are also pairing up in the hopes of furthering DevOps best practices using the popular open source cloud software.

AWS Summit: Amazon launches EC2 Container Service

The big news here is really just the general availability of the container service.

Delphix bridges data center-to-cloud gap with new cloud-ready features

Delphix, a data as a service (DaaS) company, has updated its DaaS platform with new cloud-ready features in support of Amazon GovCloud, OpenStack, and KVM hypervisor environments for simpler migration to both private and public clouds. 

Spotlight: Amazon unveils D2 dense storage instances

Amazon Web Services has released a new dense storage instance.