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Latest Headlines

AWS Summit: Amazon launches EC2 Container Service

The big news here is really just the general availability of the container service.

Delphix bridges data center-to-cloud gap with new cloud-ready features

Delphix, a data as a service (DaaS) company, has updated its DaaS platform with new cloud-ready features in support of Amazon GovCloud, OpenStack, and KVM hypervisor environments for simpler migration to both private and public clouds. 

Spotlight: Amazon unveils D2 dense storage instances

Amazon Web Services has released a new dense storage instance.

Faction adds SoftNAS cloud-based NAS to its IaaS

When it comes to cloud storage, it's easy to see how it's becoming a market flooded with competition. Most cloud services providers are taking what I'll call the traditional approach to cloud storage--low-cost commodity storage. That's the way Amazon Web Services does it, and its business practices are guiding the rest of the industry. It's a price war.

Google hopes to melt Amazon Glacier with Nearline

Google's latest product in the cloud storage war is directly aimed at Amazon Glacier, but whereas Glacier is archival storage with long retrieval times, Google Cloud Storage Nearline is being presented as "near-online" storage with offline storage prices.

Box receives rocky reception from Wall Street

The growing number of enterprise storage options are overwhelming corporate consumers, and also investors--especially when it comes to newly public Box.

Dropbox appeals to more BYOD users with new extension for iOS 8

In its latest version, Dropbox has added a new action extension to iOS 8 that enable users to save files directly to the cloud storage service from any iOS app. With this capability already available on Android devices, Dropbox is appealing to more BYOD users with this move.

MobileIron's content security service provides security for data stored in employee's personal cloud

Employees who use their personal devices at work often put their work documents in a public cloud storage service. To address this threat, MobileIron is launching on Wednesday its content security service, which allows security to be managed at the document-level across different cloud storage services.

Study reveals security not a priority when choosing DAM systems

A recent survey by marketing resource management company  North Plains  revealed 70 percent of respondents rely heavily on email to manage digital assets in the workplace.

Spotlight: Cloud storage services in a race to the bottom?

Forbes  contributor Ben Kepes has an interesting viewpoint about the cloud storage space.