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Latest Headlines

Is cloud storage the right solution for federal documents?

According a  presidential directive  issued in 2012, all federal agencies must manage permanent and temporary email in an electronically accessible format by 2016. Tod Newcombe, Senior Editor of Governing,  says  the mandate is great in theory but until the government steps out of the Stone Age, the policy is next to meaningless.  

Accellion, Box, Citrix and EMC are leading EFSS vendors, says Gartner

According to Gartner's latest magic quadrant report, the leaders in the enterprise file synchronization and sharing space are Accellion, Box, Citrix and EMC. Challengers are Dropbox, Google, IBM and Microsoft.

Dropbox plays catch-up with Box for business, collaboration forthcoming

Its first genuine appeal to businesses to please, please let it join the party, is accompanied by a renewed appeal to consumers.

AlephCloud receives patent for content privacy in the cloud

No one is happy about cloud providers getting to peep, parse and use your personal or business content. But, really, it's delusional to think any cloud provider can't paw through your data at will if and when it wants. So announcements like AlephCloud's lock on content to keep provider snooping away will likely be met with cheers--both from cloud users who seek privacy and security, and from cloud providers who want to prove their trustworthiness. 

MetaVis tool helps migrate SharePoint cloud storage to Office 365

One of the issues that SharePoint shops face when they move to the cloud is what happens if they use another cloud storage service like Google Drive. A new tool from MetaVis helps business customers using Google Drive move to SkyDrive Pro in Office 365.

BYOC--not another acronym!

Just when you thought you had all of the acronyms down--BYOD, COPE, CYOD, MDM, MAM--here comes another one: bring your own cloud.

Apple halts free iCloud storage for former MobileMe members

Apple is terminating a promotion awarding onetime MobileMe premium subscribers complimentary access to its iCloud digital media storage platform.

Aorta Cloud hopes to avert Nirvanix closing

In the wake of cloud service provider Nirvanix announcing it is shutting down this month, its partner in the U.K. is seeking financial assistance to keep the service going for two months, CloudPro has reported.

Cloud computing reaches maturity stage for many organizations

Use of the cloud is reaching maturity stages for many organizations, with production applications now accounting for 60 percent of cloud usage.  That is among the findings of the new  report  "State of the Enterprise Cloud Report" from Verizon.

Pocket-sized cloud to put privacy back into communications, foul big data collection

Much of the spying that occurs from our government, other governments and a host of cyber-criminals happens at the server level. Until recently, most thought that server and network protection was the only recourse even though many thought such attempts fall short in completely securing data. But leave it to DARPA to find a work-around. Enter the pocket cloud.