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Special report offers CIOs and CMOs collaboration tips and tools

The C-suite has become a virtual alphabet soup of new and emerging job titles, but none is more important to the CIO than that of the CMO. We take a look inside a special report at sister publication FierceCMO, which offers advice on how both sides can make this often turbulent relationship be as collaborative and productive as possible.

CDOs: Still small in number, but casting a growing shadow

With all the attention paid lately to the emerging role of the chief digital officer, one would think there are tens of thousands of job openings for the taking. But the reality appears to be far different.

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Burden on CIOs to close IT perception gap

It's a serious problem when business executives don't view IT as an asset to the organization. It's especially troubling when IT is actually viewed as an obstacle to success.

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Checking the crystal ball: What the CIO, CMO relationship will look like in 2015

2014 has been the year of the CIO and CMO relationship, or at least the year of talking about it. Now, analysts are saying this will continue into the new year, and that the CIO and CMO roles will be some of the most important in business in 2015.

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The top news stories for Dec. 8, 2014.

CIO, CMO relationship gets even rockier in 2014

CIOs and CMOs do not have the best view of one another and have different expectations for the business, or so the surveys have said. And things may not be getting better, according to Ian Cox.