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Latest Headlines

Strained CIO-CMO relationships see 'Digital IQs' differently

A strong CIO and CMO relationship is a key factor in successful digital transformation efforts, but only half of organizations with both CIO and CMO roles say they have such a strong relationship, new PwC research reveals.

CIOs told: leave innovation to the CMO

Much has been written lately about the relationship between CIOs and chief marketing officers, and now IT leaders are being told they should leave innovation to the marketing side of the house.

Say hello to the CMTO

The alphabet soup game of the c-suite never seems to end. We've got CIOs, CTOs, CEOs, CMOs… and now CMTOs.

Mobility is transforming CIO-CMO relationship

Mobility is transforming the relationship between the chief information officer and the chief marketing officer, observes Robert Dayton, executive vice president of business analytics and optimization at consulting firm MindStream Analytics.

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IT and marketing: The Fierce FAQ

Here are critical questions about marketing and IT, with answers drawn from recent  Fierce  coverage. This FAQ will help CIOs and IT pros focus on delivering what their marketing colleagues really need.

Battle still rages over who controls IT spending

The battle over the IT budget continues between the CIO and the CMO, with mixed reports recently on who has the upper hand whenn it comes to new IT spending.

Be more like your CFO, summit advises

Don't hate, fear or envy your CFO. Be more like them, advises a recent CIO network summit, which also encourages CIOs to start thinking more like the CFO for their own career survival.

Spotlight: Gartner's strategy essentials for CIOs

What Gartner has to say on strategies for CIOs and IT departments.

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